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Maria Webb | Stress Adviser
Psychology, Stress and Health

About Maria
I have been working in the area of stress management since the early 1990's providing an individualised approach to ease the effects of life stresses on the emotional and physical health of people of all ages. Stress affects people in many different ways and I believe that no one approach works with all people. Therefore, I believe in an individualised approach and over the years I have developed my methods, drawing on many aspects of psychology, counselling and classic stress management techniques in order to offer a balanced and person-centred way forward that can be adapted to suit most people. Where appropriate, I also like to include advice on diet and lifestyle to complete the holistic approach.

Stress Management
Stress affects us all, and I believe that managing stress is paramount to well-being.
We all react individually to different stresses, and a positive challenge for one person could be perceived a ‘nightmare’ for another. This can be based on factors such as how we handle situations, our personality, genetics or past experiences. The effects of poorly managed stress can affect us physically, emotionally and behaviourally and symptoms can range from headaches, fatigue, irritability, panic attacks, sleep, breathing and digestive disorders and coping difficulties, to name but a few.

My approach to managing stress is unique. Whilst I recognize the importance of past influences, my initial approach is to help people identify their ‘stressors’ and then share methods which will help to either remove individual stressors or build a resilience using methods to cushion the negative effects of stress which will serve for the long-term. Using methods to influence, control and balance the ‘get up and go’ (sympathetic nervous system) system and the ‘rest and digest’ (parasympathetic system) are key to managing stress as are healthy thinking principles and correct lifestyle choices.

Methods used:
I help individuals identify their unhelpful coping strategies and together we develop new coping skills which will work for them as an individual.

I feel diet and dietary habits are an important part of combating the effects of stress. I help individuals develop eating habits to keep them calm and relaxed and dietary recommendations that will ease specific symptoms and disorders such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Exercise is important for well-being but often finding the motivation or even the right balance of exercise can be a challenge. I help people to find an exercise choice that easily ‘fits’ into their day.

A good night’s sleep is vital for well-being. Stress affects sleep and can effect people in different ways. I help individuals regain a full night’s sleep using a range of different techniques so that they can feel focused and vitalized throughout the day.

Effective time-keeping/prioritizing and goal-setting techniques can ease the day-to-day stress levels. Rushing around rarely achieves anything apart from more stress and anxiety. Using time productively and efficiently is essential in running a busy day-to-day life and finding time for oneself and family once more becomes achievable. These are areas where sometimes the most simple of methods can achieve the largest difference to an individual’s stress level.

Healthy thinking: Changing unhelpful thinking processes such as irrational thoughts to positivity, and assertiveness.

Most importantly, techniques to balance the ‘get up and go’ system (sympathetic nervous system) and the ‘rest and digest’ (parasympathetic nervous system) form the basis of my method.

Workshops or one-to-one
I teach workshops on specific areas such as exam stress but also full or half day courses in managing stress. Small group sessions can be arranged.

I see people on an individual basis at:

20 Wellington Square

Tel: 01292 260 334

Or for those further afield I offer Skype or telephone consultations.

Qualifications and Associations
BSc (hons) Psychology
Diploma in Clinical and Pastoral Counselling
Certified Stress Adviser
Diploma in Diet and Nutrition
Member of British Psychology Society (MBPsS)
Member of Complementary Medical Association (MCMA)

Fee Structure

In general I tend to recommend that a course of 4 sessions is needed in order to make genuine headway in most cases of stress, anxiety and stress related problems.

Sessions last up to 1 hour and cost £42.00 per visit, they can be booked on an individual or block basis.

A block of 4 sessions can be booked for £150.00, with a saving of £18.00 over booking 4 individual sessions.

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