4 reasons why we've fallen in love with INIKA

Sep 08 2020Louise

4 reasons why we've fallen in love with INIKA

There’s been a bit of a stir at Jan de Vries recently, with certain members of staff lingering suspiciously around the samples. You see recently we’ve been trying to introduce more make-up brands into our line-up and one of them in particular has certainly attracted everyone’s attention, from the colourful display of lipsticks to the prettily in pink blushes.

Yes, INIKA has arrived at Jan de Vries but what is all the fuss really about? After all, unlike a couple of decades ago, there are plenty of natural make-up brands out there. What really makes this one so special?

Well, we’re more than happy to explain why we’ve fallen in love with INIKA.

#1: Farewell to fillers, parabens and so much more!

If you’ve ever felt weighed down by your make-up or noticed how dry and tired your skin looks without it, the possible culprit could be what’s lurking in your concealer.

We’re all guilty of glancing over the ingredients list without really paying attention to what it means. After all, unless you’re familiar with chemistry or pharmaceuticals, words like polysorbate or ethylparaben may as well be written in gobbledegook. We’re not sure what it means, but we’ll nod our heads and assume it’s a vital component of our foundation.

INIKA were one of the first brands to try and challenge this viewpoint by proving that fillers and parabens weren’t necessary. You didn’t have to saturate your make-up with synthetic chemicals to achieve great quality and pigmentation. You could still have a great shade of eye-shadow without the nasties.

That’s why you’ll find no bismuth oxychloride, no synthetic substances and absolutely no parabens or sodium benzoate in any of their products! Instead they’re honest about what goes into their make-up – only pure, natural ingredients!

#2 – Say hello to natural ingredients

Natural ingredients and essential oils have always played a key role in the formation of INIKA products, with components like Jojoba oil, Shea butter and Aloe vera often taking centre stage.

This is a very different way of thinking from conventional brands – these ingredients are NOT designed to make the product last longer, instead they’re focused on nourishing skin whilst providing great colour pigment and coverage.

For example, Jojoba oil alone contains plentiful amounts of vitamin E, an essential antioxidant when it comes to preventing premature ageing as well as helping to improve collagen production, encouraging skin’s natural elasticity.

Now this might not sound like much – after all, a lot of skin creams contain elements like Aloe vera – but these creams are also still chockfull of the nasties too! It’s also unlikely that their ingredients are organically sourced…

Did we mention INIKA is 100% organic?

#3 - No animal cruelty here!

INIKA is famous for being a cruelty-free vegan brand so we’ll not beat around the bush with this one.

Vegan, as you may have surmised, means that INIKA does not contain any animal by-products such as honey or lanolin, while cruelty-free indicates that no animals are hurt or abused in order to produce your make-up. 

These ethics have helped INIKA to gain popularity over the years, particularly with the vegan/vegetarian demographic. Nevertheless such principles are not limited exclusively to one target group – many of you reading this may not be vegan but most of you will probably feel uncomfortable with the idea of some poor test animal paying the price for your lipstick.

The unfortunate truth is that many conventional brands do still test on animals, making the mainstream make-up market tricky to navigate. INIKA offer a solution by being upfront with their ethics and leaving no grey areas for you to dwell on. You can buy your mascara with a crystal clear conscience! Hurrah!

#4 – The phenomenal range

As we mentioned earlier, one of the leading misconceptions that INIKA had to deal with was that natural make-up brands were somehow limited in comparison to other more typical brands.

The general consensus was that you could use a natural make-up brand, but that you’d better be prepared to pick from the same three colours. There would be no range, no diversity and no real choices.

Well with 14 amazing shades of lipstick ranging from Dark Cherry to Sheer Peach, 8 diverse shades of foundation and over 20 vibrant eye-shadows, including Pale Lightening, Dark Midnight and Pink Fetish, we’ll leave you to be the judge of how versatile and extensive their range really is…

(We haven’t even touched upon their eye shadow duos or loose powdered bronzers!)

Don’t take our word for it!

Here at Jan de Vries, we’re all for self-exploration so you don’t have to take our word for it when it comes to how amazing INIKA really is.

There’s plenty of evidence out there to give you a general gist of what the company is really about, from their incredible list of awards (including Winner of the Pure Beauty Awards 2016!), youtube tutorialsmagazine recommendations and even celebrity endorsements!

The best advice we could give is to allow the product to speak for itself. After-all, there’s a big difference between reading about a lipstick and actually trying it on for yourself.

We know what we’d rather be doing….