Solgar 7

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Product Description
  • Solgars unique formulation to promote joint health and flexibility.
  • Balances the release of joint enzymes.
  • Structural support for collagen and sensitive joint cartilage.
  • Supports the body's range of natural motion and flexibility.

The Winner of the Natural and Organic Awards 2013 for Best New VMS Product, this highly nutritious vegetable capsule is chockfull of goodness, culminating in a nourishing remedy for muscle and joints. Infused with vitamin C – very beneficial for the formulation of collagen – as well as anti-inflammatory ginger root and turmeric, this supplement helps to reduce any joint related swelling whilst encouraging the production of collagen.

The most copious protein in your body, collagen helps to hold the body together and allows your bones to move without stiffness of inflammation. Essential then when it comes to healthy joints, this Solgar 7 vegetable capsule supports flexibility and motion which is why we often recommend it to those that suffer from joint related problems.

PLEASE NOTE: Whilst this product comes in a Vegetable Capsule, its ingredients include cartilage derived from animals. This product is therefore NOT suitable for vegetarians.