HealthAid A to Z Multivit

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Product Description

Multivitamins with Minerals A-Z tablets provide a balanced vitamin and mineral supplement ideal for busy executives, the elderly, teenagers, mothers, athletes and people doing strenuous exercise and energetic work or for anyone looking to safeguard dietary intake of these important nutrients. They are also useful to women during their monthly cycles or when pregnant and for nursing mothers.

It’s possible—and preferable—to get the daily nutrients needed from a healthy, balanced diet. But surveys show that many people fall short in a variety of key vitamins and minerals.

Multivitamins with Minerals A-Z tablets may be of benefit to:

  • Those who are looking for an all-round balanced multivitamin and mineral combination
  • Those who need additional support at times of stress or poor eating habits
  • Women who wish to safeguard their nutrient intake at each stage of their life-cycle
  • Elderly people who with age develop poor absorption of certain vitamins and minerals, and demand a higher requirements for some of these key vitamins and minerals
  • Strict vegetarians that lack certain vitamins due to their diets
  • People following weight loss programmes
  • Children under going puberty


Multivitamin and Mineral supplements help to ensure the body is getting sufficient vitamins and minerals required to function properly.
The main advantage of taking daily multivitamin and mineral supplements is that they are able to make up for anything that is lacking in a person's diet. Those are most likely to benefit from taking such a supplement include dieters, allergy sufferers, vegans, fast-food junkies, pregnant women and smokers.
The body absorbs iron through the help of Vitamin C and D helps the body absorb phosphorus and Calcium. Vitamins D and K are the only vitamins the body can supply for itself. The skin creates Vitamin D when it is exposed to sunlight. Vitamin K is produced by intestinal bacteria. Outside sources must supply the body with all other vitamins. Healthaid Multivitamins & Minerals offers high potency multi-vitamin and mineral formula with all the key nutrients in their optimum form for better absorption and assimilation.