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Suffering from upset tummies and diarrhoea, a common problem when travelling, going on foreign holidays or suffering from stress. To help prevent or treat these problems, Acidophilus as a supplement is recommended. Everyones lower intestines are filled with good and bad bacteria. Under certain conditions such as stress, a change in circumstances, or a course of antibiotics, the bad bacteria can overtake the good ones causing illness's such as those above. A source of friendly bacteria, Acidophilus produces organic compounds such as lactic acid that increase the acidity in the intestine, making the growth of harmful bacteria difficult. Taken regularly it helps keep the intestines clean, maintain a healthy digestive system and increase resistance to infections, helping prevent those upset tummies. Recommended when under stress, before, during and after holidays, travelling and for sufferers of I.B.S, constipation, diarrhoea and yeast infections and after a course of antibiotics. A yeast free complex is recommended 2 to 4 times per day. Suitable from 10 years of age.