Optima Activated Charcoal Purifying Face Mask

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  • Size:
  • 125
  • Type:
  • ml

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Product Description
  • Helps to eliminate oil and impurities
  • Activated charcoal protects and promotes clear skin 
  • Contains skin-enriching fruit extracts
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

A face mask is a lovely way to relax after a hard day at work, plus it can improve the health of your skin. However, to treat your skin most effectively, you have to make sure you chose the right product.

We know that it's a little unusual to have charcoal and clay as the main ingredients in your face mask - these things are usually associated with fire-building and pottery after all! However, you can rest assured that these ingredients do wonders for the skin!

The deep cleansing action of the activated charcoal in Optima's Activated Charcoal Purifying Face Mask helps to eliminate impurities such as dirt and oil. This should leave your skin feeling smooth and completely refreshed. The inclusion of China Clay on the other hand, gives the skin a light glow and, alongside extracts of Aloe Vera Juice and Echinacea, it provides a host of beneficial nutrients for the skin.

So, next time you want to put on a face mask and chill, with all these positives, this is the one to use!