Solgar Advanced Acidophilus

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  • Aine Mccaffrey


    Best company for vitamins etc, pure and natural, no nasties added!

    Jun 18 2020 5
Product Description
  • A source of l. acidophilus, a beneficial microorganism that naturally resides in the digestive tract
  • Helps to maintain a healthy intestinal flora
  • Excellent for promoting the health of your digestive tract
  • Suitable for vegans and vegetarians

Solgar’s advanced formula perfectly utilises a blend of beneficial microorganisms, including L. acidophilus and B. Lactis! Extremely beneficial for your digestive health, this particular cultivation naturally resides in your gut and helps to maintain a healthy intestinal environment.

It does this by promoting the health of your friendly bacteria, preventing an infestation of unfriendly bacteria, which can lead to stomach upsets and all kinds of trouble, especially when you consider that over 70% of your immune cells also reside in your gut!

This advanced acidophilus vegetable capsule even helps to protect friendly microorganisms from being harmed by stomach acidity, boosting its overall impact on your digestive tract! Vegan-friendly and ideal as a daily supplement, this is definitely a product we find ourselves consistently recommending here at Jan de Vries.