Allicin Max Alliderm Moisturising Gel

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Product Description
  • Stabilized Allicin in a unique gel format.
  • For effective use anywhere on the body.
  • Has antibacterial and antifungal properties.
  • Can help heal a wide range of bacterial and fungal Skin infections.
  • Containing aloe vera which is smoothing and cooling.
  • Non irritating.

Alliderm with Allisure Liquid Moisturising Gel

British chemist Peter Josling developed a way to stabilize the Allicin from Garlic for the first time in history and incorporated it into his flagship products Alli-C and Alliderm. That means you now have available the microbe-destroying and healing power of Garlic multiplied many times over. Alliderm is a topical lotion that you can put on cuts, infections, skin diseases, and more. It can be used on everything from warts to bed sores. Even if you just cut your skin, you can use Alliderm as an antibiotic.