Solgar Antioxidant Nutrient

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Product Description
  • One of Solgar's premium quality antioxidants
  • Excellent for boosting immunity and maintaining muscles and joints
  • Suitable for vegans

A premium-quality selection of antioxidants, Solgar’s Antioxidant Tablets provide a rich array of nutrients, ranging from vitamins like vitamin E to amino acids such as L-Cysteine. An excellent option if you’re looking to boost your immunity, it might be a misconception to assume that, that is all this supplement is good for.

It’s inclusion of essential amino acids does make it a good choice for maintaining muscles and joints while minerals like selenium are known to have a very positive effect on the central nervous system, easing symptoms of anxiety and insomnia.

Here at Jan de Vries, we also sometimes advise our customers to take this supplement if they’re having trouble with their skin, as can be helpful in reducing oxidative stress, combatting the nasty free-radicals responsible for premature ageing!