Pukka Aqua Herbs Turmeric Active

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Product Description
  • Add flavour and plant power to your water anytime, anywhere
  • Invigorating turmeric, ginger and uplifting orange
  • A healthy alternative to sugary drinks or squash
  • 100% organic

Awaken nature in water with the taste of Turmeric Active. Say hello to running free with invigorating turmeric, ginger and uplifting orange. Add flavour and plant power to your water anytime, anywhere. Blended using the worlds’ finest organic herbs. Distilled and compacted into a tiny bottle of pure herbal power. Sugar free and 100% organic.

Main Ingredients:

Turmeric root and ginger root are ancient remedies for supporting digestion. Turmeric and ginger’s warming energy also supports a healthy circulation and movement.
Sweet orange has an uplifting fragrance and supports the immune system.

How this works:

1. The combination of turmeric and ginger supports circulation
2. Everyday support for joints and muscles- from sports enthusiasts to the less mobile
3. Supports everyday digestion and immune function
Recommended for when you want to live life to the full

The Pukka herbal experts eagerly introduce to you Aqua Herbs: simply add a dash of the natural and organic herbal elixirs to your water for a delicately refreshing dose of powerful plants.

This is Pukka’s answer to cold brew tea but without the hassle and inconvenience of a teabag left in your water bottle. Certified organic and made with recyclable packaging.

A healthy alternative to sugary drinks or squash, every bottle contains 15 servings and is small enough to carry with you.