Optima Australian Tea Tree Pure Tea Tree Oil

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Product Description
  • 100% pure tea tree essential oil 
  • Naturally purifying
  • Perfect addition to first aid kits and aromatherapy 
  • Add to your favourite DIY skincare/haircare recipe for cleansing nourishment

Tea tree oil is a traditional essential oil used for thousands of years by the indigenous population of Australia. This unique oil has numerous benefits due to its purifying properties.

Australian Tea Tree products contain only the finest tea tree oil, grown and harvested in the rural areas of Australia. Each batch of Australian Tea Tree Oil is tested to ensure that it conforms to strict quality guidelines.

Australian Tea Tree oil is a 100% pure essential oil. With its purifying properties to help clean and protect the skin naturally. Although Tea Tree Oil is gentle enough to be applied to healthy skin, it can become sensitised to such a potent substance; it is possible to use pure Tea Tree oil on small areas of the skin for short periods but we recommend performing a patch test before application – for larger skin areas we recommend diluting the oil (i.e. with a carrier oil), or choosing one of thr specially formulated Australian Tea Tree products such as purifying cream, or cleansing soap. If pregnant of suffering from a medical condition seek advice before use. Avoid contact with eyes. For external use only, keep out of the reach of children.