Barley Flakes

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Product Description
  • Rich in fibre
  • Natural source of β-glucan
  • Subtly sweet and nutty flavour
  • Organic
  • 100% Recyclable packaging

Barley, which is a source of dietary fibre, β-glucan, and antioxidants, has been used as a staple food in several areas of the world for centuries. This is because it’s rich in many nutrients and packs some impressive health benefits, ranging from improved digestion to lower cholesterol levels and a healthier heart.

Barley is rich in β-glucan, a soluble fibre which can help lower serum cholesterol in different ways, one of those is delaying intestinal absorption of glucose and lipids. Soluble fibre can also slow down digestion and absorption of nutrients which in return can reduce your appetite and promotes fullness and support weight loss.

Just Natural Organic Barley Flakes are a great alternative to porridge. Similarly to porridge you can prepare with cold or warm water or some of your favourite milk over the flakes and eat as it is, or you can add to them some sliced bananas, nuts & seeds for a flavoursome breakfast!

Just Natural premium quality ingredients are carefully selected to ensure you receive the highest quality produce available.  They are audited and certified by the British Retail Consortium to their highest standard for packaging control procedures and cleanliness and they are also Soil Association certified for packing their Organic ranges and these high standards are maintained throughout Just Natural