Beat that hacking cough with A.Vogel

Posted by Louise on Sep 09, 2020

Today, guest blogger Dr. Jen Tan is talking about hacking cough. This infection has swept the nation over the winter months, and left many with an annoying cough that can drag on for weeks. Being a viral infection, antibiotics won’t work – but don’t worry, hope is not lost! Read on to find out Dr. Tan’s advice on combatting this tricky cough.

An outbreak of hacking cough has gripped the nation. But what exactly is a hacking cough and what is causing this mysterious symptom that can leave people coughing and spluttering for weeks on end? Well, a hacking cough can be described as a distinctive, dry, frequent cough, and symptoms are often reported to start with a runny nose and sore throat – so this is something to watch out for. Recently, doctors have dropped the bombshell that antibiotics will be of no help – it seems that this cough is caused by a virus instead.

A dry cough can easily crop up after infection by a virus as damaged tissues are much more vulnerable. Residual inflammation in respiratory tract tissue can be hard to shift and this makes the area even more sensitive and prone to infection – it can be a hard cycle to break. So, what can be done to help?

Well, the advice from most doctors is to rest up and stay warm.  Other top tips from me include changing your bed linen regularly, watching your diet (try to reduce refined sugars, processed fats and dairy at least until you’re over the infection) and drinking plenty of plain, still water. However, in addition to this, organic herbal remedies may also be beneficial.

First, we need something to soothe and protect your throat, and fast! Our Cough Spray is a top pick for the following reasons:

  • It contains the herbs mullein and marshmallow which can help to bring about rapid relief from dry and tickly coughs
  • The unique ingredients help to soothe the affected area by creating a soft film over irritated or inflamed tissues
  • The formula reduces irritation and provides a healing action which helps reduce the likelihood of further recurrent infections

Next, we really want to tackle the underlying problem. As we know, antibiotics aren’t up to the task, so, instead we need something with anti-viral properties. Say no more – hello Echinaforce®! Echinaforce® may be helpful for the following reasons: 

  • As backed by research, the Echinaforce® can help to treat symptoms of the underlying problem which in this case is a viral infection
  • Echinaforce® can support the immune system in order to help keep recurrent infections at bay
  • Echinaforce® is available in a handy tincture which is more gentle on sensitive throats

So, Echinaforce® with its proven anti-viral activity, together with our soothing Cough Spray could just be the solution for you.