5 amazing ways to use rosehip oil

Sep 09 2020Melodie

5 amazing ways to use rosehip oil

Move over coconut oil, rosehip oil is here to oust you off your pedestal! An incredible skincare product, rosehip oil is finally gaining the recognition it deserves in the public eye and here at Jan de Vries we couldn’t be more pleased. Of course, recently we’ve received a wave of customers extolling rosehip oil for ageing skin but what about its other benefits? Rosehip oil is far from a one trick pony so today I’m suggesting 5 alternative amazing ways that you can use it.

1 – As a moisturiser

I’ll start with a suggestion that might be more popular – using rosehip oil as a moisturiser. Organic rosehip oil is naturally rich in essential fatty acids, including linoleic and linolenic acids; these vital nutrients are excellent when it comes to hydrating your skin, helping your skin cells to retain moisture whilst reducing the appearance of cellulite. This makes the oil a great option for dry skin but many of our customers often seem surprised when we recommend rosehip oil for oily skin.

There’s a good reason for this though and again it comes back to the oil’s content of EFA’s. Now, you can’t be blamed for assuming that more oil will only make your skin more prone to greasiness – that’s a fair assumption after all, however EFA’s can help to get rid of the fats and oils that help to clog up your pores, reducing the appearance of oily skin! Not to mention that rosehip oil also absorbs quickly without leaving any greasy residues – definitely a bonus in my book!

2 – To hydrate dry hair

Speaking of the moisturising properties of rosehip oil, did you know that these unique benefits can extend to your hair too? In fact some would even argue that the oil makes for an effective dandruff treatment! This is because it’s easily absorbed by your scalp and as well as transferring all those nourishing EFA’s, rosehip oil is also chockfull of antioxidants.

These nutrients can help to protect your hair from exposure to pollution, stress, sunburn and even greying! A natural de-frizzer, leaving your hair feeling smooth and rejuvenated, this oil works best when it’s diluted with a little water (I sometimes prefer coconut oil!) and massaged into your scalp. Leave it in for at least half an hour and then shampoo and condition as normal for radiant, soft locks!

3 – To support healthy nails

Do you ever suffer from dry, brittle nails? It’s a common problem for many of our customers here at Jan de Vries, especially those involved in a profession that requires constant hand washing.  Most find themselves getting tired with conventional creams which can be harsh and irritating; fortunately, rosehip oil is very effective when it comes to hydrating and strengthening your nails!

Again, it’s rosehip oil’s excellent content of EFA’s that come out on top here. Just as such EFA’s can nourish and moisturise the skin on your face and your scalp, so too can they comfort the dry, brittle skin around your nails, even improving their appearance and preventing any further irritation.

4 – Help conceal blemishes and discolouration

I’ve already spoken about how you can use rosehip oil as a moisturiser, however it can also make for a pretty effective cleanser too, being naturally antimicrobial and  capable of eliminating dirt from your pores, preventing the development of pimples or blackheads.

Since rosehip oil also contains plentiful amounts of vitamins A & E, it can help promote healthy collagen production and regeneration, allowing your skin to heal faster. Rosehip oil is also anti-inflammatory too, meaning that it may help to reduce signs of redness and inflammation too! Not bad if you’re looking for a natural night cream for spot-prone skin!

5 – Prevent stretch marks

Looking for a way to diminish stretch marks or prevent their occurrence entirely? Rosehip oil may be able to help you! Again, its high levels of EFA’s can help your skin to retain its elasticity, not mention that rosehip oil is also chockfull of collagen-boosting vitamin C, which can help to reduce discolouration and improve your skin’s capacity for regeneration.

Our recommendations:

When it comes to an organic form of rosehip oil, I would definitely opt for Sukin’s Organic Rose Hip Oil. 100% natural, this cruelty-free and vegan-friendly product contains an abundance of antioxidants, EFA’s, and beta-carotene, helping to protect your skin from environmental damage and oxidative stress.

It was a close contender in the BeautyHaven Best in Beauty Awards in the 2014 Best Age Management category, losing narrowly to Estee Lauder, so it’s definitely able to stand up there with the best. Sustainable and affordable, this is definitely the oil for you if you are interested in the skincare benefits of rosehips so make sure you don’t miss out!