7 great ingredients for a natural moisturiser

Sep 09 2020Anne

7 great ingredients for a natural moisturiser

One of the biggest reasons that our customers turn to natural, organic options when it comes to their skincare products is because most of them suffer from bouts of dry, sensitive skin. In these instances, they sometimes feel as though the high-street has failed them, polluting their moisturisers and toners with a variety of harsh chemicals and toxins that can easily upset delicate skin. Fortunately, attitudes are changing and natural skincare products have never been more popular, easily competing with big name brands.

While we’re thrilled that natural skincare is finally getting the press it deserves, here at Jan de Vries, some of our customers are taking to making their own moisturisers, often asking for our advice when it comes to nourishing, hydrating ingredients.  There are so many options, we sometimes don’t know where to start so today we’ve decided to list a few of our favourites!

1 – Coconuts

The indisputable champion of natural skincare, coconuts are everywhere these days and almost everyone has come around to the versatility of this ingredient. While the flesh and oil might be used in cooking and the water may work its way into your post-gym smoothie, each component can also play a role in your skincare regime and for good reason!

Coconuts are naturally chockfull of lauric acid, a fatty acid that’s not only anti-microbial, but also intensely moisturising,helping to soothe skin! When it comes to how to incorporate coconuts into your beauty regime, here at Jan de Vries we’re not too fancy.

A jar of extra virgin, organic coconut oil normally does the trick for us and we’re particularly partial to Coconut Merchant’s Organic Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. With one 300ml jar setting you back just £5.09, it’s a relatively inexpensive and affordable option.

However, if you’re looking for a natural moisturiser that incorporates coconuts, you could try Pacifica’s incredible Coconut Probiotic Water Rehab Cream which comes in at just £16.99.  It’s infused with cooling coconut water with hyaluronic acid and probiotic ingredients to achieve a deeply hydrating, oil-free cream that’s ideal for sensitive skin!

2 - Cocoa butter

You may have been expecting us to mention cocoa butter’s more popular cousin, Shea butter, however we feel that cocoa butter deserves its moment in the spotlight. It earns its spot on this list due to its incredible content of essential fatty acids, making it a great option if you suffer from dry, sensitive skin!

Better still, cocoa butter also boasts a surprisingly high content of antioxidants, including polyphenols, making it very efficient when it comes to warding off oxidative stress and increasing collagen density. While we’d always recommend trying to find a pure, organic form of cocoa butter, this can be difficult so you may find it easier to opt for a skincare product that already contains this ingredient.

Sukin’s Sensitive Facial Moisturiser manages to blend extracts of cocoa butter with aloe vera leaf juice and avocado oil, making it extremely moisturising for dry skin whilst being 100% natural and cruelty-free. Sukin are one of our favourite skincare brands here at Jan de Vries, and at just £7.95, this product definitely lives up to their mantra that skincare shouldn’t cost the earth.

3 – Manuka honey

Rich and luxurious, Manuka honey is definitely rising to the top, with many flocking to take the substance internally as well as externally to reap the benefits of its high content of amino acids, B vitamins and magnesium. A favourite with some of our customers that suffer from skin conditions such as acne and eczema, Manuka honey works as a natural antibacterial agent while possessing natural healing properties that make it great for soothing irritated skin.

Now there’s no denying that good-quality Manuka honey can be expensive, but a little does go a long way. Nelson Honey is one of our go-to brands when it comes to pure Manuka honey, offering a product that’s high in enzymes and sourced from a clean, pollution-free environment. A 250g jar should set you back approximately £27.99.

We completely understand, though, if smearing sticky honey on your skin doesn’t sound like an appealing option. That’s why we’d like to offer an alternative in the form of Antipodes’ Aura Manuka Honey Mask which comes as a creamy formula that gently cleanses and moisturises your skin, even tackling spots and blemishes. At £24.99, it’s a slightly more affordable option than raw Manuka honey, not to mention it’s been blended with other ultra-hydrating ingredients such as 100% pure avocado oil!

 4 –Avocado oil

Avocados are definitely in trend right now but arguably they’re more famous for their nutritional value rather than being used as a skincare product. You’d be amazed, though, how many products include avocado oil as one of their ingredients and for good reason! Avocados are naturally high in vitamin E, an extremely beneficial nutrient for your skin that can act as an antioxidant, warding off nasty free-radical molecules.

Similar to coconuts, avocados are also a great source of essential fatty acids and carotenoids, which can help to protect your skin from environmental damage and even prevent premature ageing. Extremely moisturising, avocado oil definitely deserves more recognition. If you plan on making your own moisturiser using this ingredient, I’d suggest opting for Absolute Aromas Avocado Oil, which although quite sticky, acts as a carrier oil, meaning it can be blended with other nourishing oils. At just £3.85, this is one of our most affordable options.

On the other hand, if you’re interested in natural moisturisers that have already incorporated this ingredient, it may be worth your while taking a look at Green People’s Neutral Light Day Moisturiser, which not only contains avocado oil but also jojoba oil and extracts of chamomile! Coming in at £17.50, it’s one of our mid-range products that’s definitely worth the investment.

5 – Aloe vera

Aloe vera is famous for its antiseptic properties, being added to everything from household cleaners to juices. As a moisturiser, it’s very effective, especially < for oily skin types as it shouldn’t leave any greasy residues. It helps to prevent your skin from drying and can even form a barrier, protecting against free-radical damage whilst helping skin to retain more moisture.

Here at Jan de Vries, we’ve noticed that aloe vera is very popular with some of our acne-prone customers as it can even help to reduce signs of inflammation! One of our favourite products to recommend is Sukin’s Aloe Vera Gel. It’s great for revitalising skin and is perfect if your skin is irritated, either by sunburn or acne! At £7.95, it’s extremely affordable and ideal if you’re also after a cruelty-free, vegan-friendly moisturiser!

6 – Rosehip oil

Rosehip oil is quickly becoming a celebrity here at Jan de Vries, and recently most of our customers have been asking about it. We’re always pleased to report that this oil definitely lives up to the hype, being absolutely fantastic when it comes to ageing skin. Chockfull of essential fatty acids and vitamins A & C, it’s incredible at fighting the signs of premature ageing, hydrating and nourishing dry, damaged skin.

Whether you’re interested in the oil or finding a face moisturiser that includes this pivotal ingredient, we’ve got you covered. Sukin once again come into their own here as in addition to their Aloe Vera Gel, they also offer a Certified Organic Rose Hip Oil that’s capable of competing with high-end anti-ageing brands such as Estee Lauder! 100% natural and carbon neutral, this amazing oil is just £14.24.

If you’re looking for a moisturiser that already incorporates rosehip oil, though, you could try Kinvara’s Active Rosehip Day Cream, which combines rosehip oil with other nourishing ingredients, such as lavender oil and hyaluronic acid. Shortlisted for the 2015 Free From Skincare Awards, it’s intensely hydrating and ideal for restoring your skin’s natural vibrancy. Available at £21.95.

7 – Jojoba oil

Jojoba oil is a firm staple in most skincare products and is extremely versatile, being used for everything from removing make-up to preventing razor burns. When it comes to hydrating skin though, jojoba has a secret weapon – it’s very similar to sebum oil! Now this might not sound like such a positive if you suffer from oily skin but, because of its similarity, jojoba oil not only moisturises your skin, it can actually trick it into producing less sebum oil! Add this to its soothing properties and ability to stimulate collagen production and you have one incredibly valuable, natural moisturiser on your hands!

When it comes to which jojoba oil to choose, if you are planning on inventing your own face mask, I would opt for Absolute Aromas Jojoba Oil, which is brimming with vitamin E and myristic acid, imbuing the oil with natural anti-inflammatory properties. Since jojoba oil is carrier oil, you can mix it with other oils such as coconut oil or sweet almond oil to form a natural, hydrating face mask. At £16.00, this is one of Absolute Aroma’s more luxurious oils.

If you want a moisturiser that already contains jojoba oil, you could try Lavera’s Basis Sensitive Moisturising Cream, which also contains extracts of organic aloe vera, witch hazel and rose water. Soothing and refreshing for dry, sensitive skin, it’s incredibly light and absorbs easily without leaving behind any greasy residues. At just £10.95, it’s certainly affordable and proves that great natural skincare products don’t always have to incur huge price tags!