7 so-called skincare products you should never put on your face!

Sep 09 2020Jenny

7 so-called skincare products you should never put on your face!

There have been beauty myths circulating for years about what you should and should not put on your face i.e. banana peels can help to get rid of spots or foot cream can be applied as a moisturiser. Some of these sayings should definitely be taken with a grain of salt yet somehow they still persist which is why I’m here to debunk these rumours today! Here I’ve accumulated a list of these so-called skincare products and I’m going to explain why you should never, ever put them on your face!

1 – Body lotion

A common question we get asked a lot here at Jan de Vries is if you can apply body lotion to your face. Unfortunately, the answer is no, and the main reason is the make-up of the lotion itself. Often lotions that are applied to the face are specially formulated to target a specific problem, such as ageing skin, spots or outbreaks of acne.

Body lotion on the other hand, is not as specific, not to mention that most body lotions tend to be a bit thicker than face creams and consequently contain

different ingredients that may upset the more delicate skin on your face. Although the idea of having an all-in-one lotion is tempting, it’s probably best to keep to  the recommendation on the label.

Our alternative…Lavera Basis Sensitive All Round Cream

If you are desperate for an all-round cream that can be used on both your face and your body, you could try Lavera’s Basis Sensitive All Round Cream. Unlike most traditional body lotions and moisturisers, this ultra-rich moisturising cream has been specifically formulated for very dry skin, with extracts of organic Shea butter and almond oil. It’s 100% suitable for your face and absorbs easily for smoother, softer skin. At just £6.95, it’s definitely a versatile and affordable option!

2 – Hairspray

I don’t know how this rumour got started but this is definitely one of the more irritating myths on this list. Hairspray can be a great product for setting your hair but somewhere along the line somebody got their wires tangled and now, instead of using it on their hair, people are using hairspray to set their make-up instead!

No…just no. Hairspray is practically bursting with harmful ingredients that may upset your skin, including alcohol (more on this later!) and propylene glycol, a carcinogenic! All of these nasty toxins may or may not keep your make-up in place but they are definitely damaging your skin, stripping it of vital oils and moisture.

Our alternative…Pacifica Perfect Lotus Natural Universal Powder

Infused with nourishing ingredients like coconut and lotus water, this lightweight, vegan-friendly powder is perfect for setting your make-up and it can even be built up as a subtle foundation. Available in two shades for pale and medium skin tones, it suffuses your skin with a natural glow and is an excellent option if you have sensitive or dry skin! Coming in at £15.99, it’s one of our favourite products here at Jan de Vries.

3 – Deodorant

One of the more bizarre entries on this list, most people wouldn’t equate deodorant with skincare. However, some people do use their deodorant to try and get a smooth matte finish, combatting any shiny patches of skin. Not only is this ineffective, it may inspire an allergic reaction to some of the strong chemicals used in your anti-perspirant, having much the same effect as hairspray.

Worse still, this particular fad seems to be being encouraged by celebrities! However, your deodorant won’t make your skin look any better and it certainly won’t make it smell any better either!

Our alternative....INIKA’s Loose Mineral Mattifying Powder

Again, what you should really be using in this instance is a good finishing powder. INIKA’s Loose Mineral Mattifying Powder is great for diminishing the appearance of fine lines and can help to absorb any excess oil, keeping your complexion smooth and even. Enriched with silica, this product is 100% organic and suitable for a wide range of skin tones. At £21.00, it’s one of our premium products and absolutely worth every penny.

4 – Toothpaste

A rogue spot has appeared and you desperately want rid of it! On this occasion, surprisingly, many turn to their dental hygiene products, applying a dollop of trusty toothpaste and leaving it on overnight in the hopes that it will dry out the offending pimple. While this method can work, it isn’t necessarily the best for your skin and can cause more harm than good.

This is because most toothpastes contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, or SLS. You may have heard of this ingredient before and here at Jan de Vries we are not big fans. It is infamously harsh on skin and can dry it out really quickly, making it more vulnerable to bacteria and pathogens. This can often result in an outburst of irritation and redness and this time your toothpaste is definitely not going to help you.

Our alternative…Salcura Antiac ACTIV Gel Serum

Salcura are an excellent brand when it comes to producing skincare products for sensitive and troubled skin. Their comforting and soothing serum has been specifically formulated for treating irritating outbreaks of spots. It contains aloe vera and tea tree oil, gently cleansing the affected area and preventing bacteria from entering any open pimples. Incredibly cooling, it’s free from any harmful parabens or synthetic fragrances and, at just £9.99, it’s definitely one of our more affordable options!

5 – Vinegar

Similar to toothpaste, vinegar is another quick-fix solution that people use to get rid of unwanted spots and blemishes, or even as a toner! Just like toothpaste, though, the results can be much the same. Let me be clear first, we are talking about your run of the mill household vinegar, as in the stuff you may use to season your chips. Other types of vinegar, such as apple cider, are a completely different conversation altogether!

Ordinary vinegar can be quite acidic and may burn your skin and here at Jan de Vries, we’d be a bit cautious about applying large quantities of even apple cider vinegar to your skin. It’s always best avoid household vinegar and, if you are using apple cider vinegar, try diluting it first before applying it directing to your face.

Our alternative…Sukin Hydrating Mist Toner Spray

This is an award-winner toner that’s perfect for refreshing and balancing your skin, containing soothing rose water and comforting chamomile. Rivalling luxury high-street brands such as Estee Lauder, it’s completely alcohol-free with no sulphates. Extremely affordable, at just £8.12, it’s hydrating, nourishing and absolutely ideal for tired, delicate skin!

6 – Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise, definitely not a substance you would normally want anywhere near your skin. While fans are raving about its amazing benefits for your hair (a whole other topic!), some are now taking to smearing the food product over their skin too! While mayonnaise does contain a few skin-boosting ingredients, such as egg whites and lemon juice, it can also be quite acidic.

Mayonnaise can also be quite thick which may leave your skin feeling greasy, not to mention it can clog your pores and potentially stimulate an outbreak! Here at Jan de Vries, we would recommend leaving this food product in the fridge where it belongs.

Our alternative…Pacifica Kale Luxe Oil-Free Multi Cream

This oil-free cream is perfect for hydrating your skin and is well suited for oily, blemish-prone skin. Infused with antioxidant-rich ingredients such as kale and cleansing aloe vera, it protects your skin from free-radical damage and can help to improve its luminosity for a healthy, radiant complexion. It’s one of our mid-range products, available at £16.99.

7 – Baking soda

This is one of the entries on the list that surprised us here at Jan de Vries. Baking soda is hailed as such as versatile product that it just seemed natural that it could crossover into skincare. However, with a tad more investigation we learned just how wrong we were.

Just as I’ve moaned about how some substances are too acidic, it is possible for an ingredient to be too alkaline. Baking soda is one of these cases and it can upset the natural pH balance of your skin, although many use it as an exfoliator. While it might kill the bacteria causing your spots, it will inevitably end up damaging your epidermal layer of skin.

Our alternative…Sukin Super Greens Detoxifying Facial Scrub

Sukin once again take centre stage with their Super Greens Detoxifying Facial Scrub. A blend of super green ingredients, including kale, antioxidant-rich spirulina, chlorella and parsley, this scrub is perfect for removing impurities and combatting free-radical damage. At just £9.99, it rejuvenates your complexion and leaves your skin feeling irresistibly clean with a smooth, healthy complexion!