My favourite natural make-up removers

Sep 10 2020Anne

My favourite natural make-up removers

Whether it’s wiping off your foundation at the end of a long day or painstakingly scrubbing at your eyes to remove the remnants of last night’s eyeliner, there’s no denying that to a certain extent, we all rely on the efficiency of our make-up remover.

It can make a real difference, and most you are probably familiar with what can go awry with the wrong type of make-up remover – the never ending scrubbing and the small mountain of cotton pads collecting under your mirror!

Here at Jan de Vries we have an amazing range of natural make-up removers so today, with a little help from Felicity from our Digital Marketing team, I’ve decided to showcase three of my absolute favourite make-up removers in terms of ingredients and, of course, effectiveness!

1 – Pacifica’s Coconut Makeup Removing Wipes – The all-rounder!

One of my favourite natural makeup brands, Pacifica, don’t just have an astounding array of cruelty-free lipsticks and eye shadow palettes, they also offer a selection of natural make-up removing wipes, ranging from Cactus Water to Kale, but my personal standout is their Coco Pure Wipes.

As the name may suggest, these soothing wipes are bursting with coconut milk, gently hydrating skin and removing any excess oils. They also contain extracts of nourishing jojoba oil and cleansing aloe vera, allowing them to gently remove any excess dirt or makeup with ease. I would particularly recommend these if you have sensitive skin that’s in need of a little extra TLC!

At just £4.99, they’re ridiculously affordable and perfect if you’re on-the-go or travelling and, while they work brilliantly for most areas of your face, I’ve noticed that they’re particularly effective at tackling tough lipstick stains, as Felicity demonstrates in the video below!

2 - Natura Siberica’s Moisturising Foam Eye Make Up Remover – Mascara, Eye Liner and Eye Shadow!

Arguably, eye make-up is the worst to remove. It doesn’t seem to matter whether you’ve piled on the mascara or simply dusted your eyes with brown eyeliner – the stuff seems to take ages to come off and the last thing you feel like doing at the end of a night out is sitting for a good 15 minutes trying to remove all traces of the evidence.

This is why I love Natura Siberica’s Moisturising Foam Eye Make Up Remover. It’s specially formulated for the delicate skin surrounding your eyes and removes your make-up without stripping your skin of any essential oils or moisture, minimising any discomfort or potential irritation.

It is also one of our more affordable options, sitting at £5.75, proving you don’t need to pay extortionate prices for good quality. The formula employs a stunning range of natural ingredients, including Rhodiola Rosea, an adaptogenic plant that can help to rejuvenate your skin! It also features soothing Daurian Lily and kurim tea, alongside sage leaf water and green tea extract meaning that it is overflowing with antioxidants to help support your skin cells and ward off the nasty free radical molecules responsible for premature ageing.

Don’t believe me? Just take a look at the incredible results in the video below!

3 - Pacifica’s Micellar Cactus Water Cleansing Tonic – The Deep Cleanser

If you’ve just been on a night out, the chances are you’re looking for a makeup remover that can pack a punch against the contents of your make-up bag – your concealer, eye-shadow, foundation, lipstick, the works!

As mentioned earlier, you probably don’t want to fall into the trap of using all your cotton pads just to scrub the blusher off one cheek so you need a product that can essentially do it all. Once again Pacifica proves their worth in this field with their Cactus Water Cleansing Tonic.

Potent, but gentle, this make-up remover is suffused with cactus water and extracts of jasmine and grapefruit water to nourish and hydrate your skin, cleansing away impurities and stubborn make-up without drying out your skin. No harsh rubbing or rinsing, all you need to do is gently apply this tonic with a cotton pad.

At £12.99, it is the most expensive product on this list but it’s definitely worth every penny in my opinion and I wouldn’t be without a bottle of this cleansing tonic in my bathroom. It can even double up as a toner, keeping your skin smooth and firm, combatting any signs of premature ageing! You can check out this cleansing make-up remover in action by clicking on the video below.

What about after you’ve removed your makeup?

Okay, so you’ve managed to remove all of your make-up – what comes next? Well you’re probably familiar with the three step cleanse, tone and moisturise routine. Some people seem to gloss over the second step – toning – which, here at Jan de Vries, we believe can still play a vital role in promoting your skin health, as my colleague Melodie explains in her editorial, ‘What does a toner do for your skin.’

When it comes to moisturising, though, there really is no second-guessing. It should be a part of everyone’s daily routine and it’s absolutely essential for a healthy, glowing complexion. What ingredients should you be watching out for, though, in your moisturiser?

Anne goes into more detail about this issue but if you’re looking for my personal recommendation, I would suggest finding a natural moisturiser with no added nasties – no parabens, phthalates or artificial fragrances. My personal favourite is Sukin’s Facial Moisturiser, which is 100% vegan-friendly and chockfull of fantastic ingredients including avocado oil, jojoba oil and wheat germ!