Your natural make-up guide for autumn

Sep 10 2020Ayesha

Your natural make-up guide for autumn

Autumn has definitely arrived here at Jan de Vries and personally, I couldn’t be happier.  Halloween is just around the corner and pumpkin spice lattes have arrived (a guilty pleasure of mine!), not to mention the gorgeous colours – beige, gold, coral, orange, pink and purple, just to name a few! Many people try to translate these stunning hues into their make-up and we’re no exception, and are always happy to prove that natural makeup doesn’t have to compromise on colour.

Be pretty in purple

*h*Lips or eyes? Most make-up artists agree that one or the other should be the focal point of your makeup routine so don’t go pairing a vivid violaceous lipstick with plum- coloured eye shadow!*h*

Since purple is one of the most popular shades this season, it only seems fitting that I cover our range of incredible purple-toned products!

Starting with Pacifica, I’ve recently fallen in love with their Natural Plum Sugared Fig Lip Tint. It’s extremely moisturising and provides a rich hint of plum purple with a faint shimmer. Infused with coconut oil, this lip tint is ideal for casual wear and, at just £7.49, it’s an extremely affordable addition to your makeup box!

However, if you want to kick things up a notch and are aiming for a vibrant evening look, allow me to introduce you to INIKA’S Dark Cherry Lipstick. Although their other purple lipstick, Orchid Fields was a close contender for this list, Dark Cherry is better suited for autumn. An absolutely stunning shade, it provides a deep pink lipstick with glossy undertones of purple. Slightly pricier, at £18.00, it’s well worth the extra expense in my book! If you really want to add some definition to your lips to make this shade stand out, I’d recommend pairing it with INIKA’s Sugar Plum Lip Liner!

Now let’s turn our attention to eye shadows! If you want a range of glowing autumnal colours to help bright your eyes, I would definitely suggest taking a look at Pacifica’s Enlighten Eye Brightening Eye Shadow Palette, which contains four different shades, including a shimmering gold and an iridescent purple. Lovely for creating a smoky eyes effect, this fantastic palette is just £15.49!

If you’re more interested in individual shades, though, INIKA’s adeptly named Autumn Plum Eye Shadow might be more what you’re looking for. It’s a deep, rich purple peppered with hints of dusky pink that’s ideal for wearing during the day or layering at night. At £16.00 it’s one of our more expensive eye shadows but I wouldn’t be without it. If you really want to create the full purple eyes look, try applying alongside INIKA’s Purple Minx Eyeliner.

Warm up with coral and orange

Coral is such a warm, natural colour and they say it’s particularly well-suited for those with blue eyes! Perfectly transitions from summer to winter, we’ve a range of coral lipsticks and burnished copper eye shadows for you to consider.

Let’s start with INIKA this time. This brand offer a fantastic range of coral lipsticks but personally, their Autumn Love lipstick is a highlight for me. It’s a gentle pinkish coral that’s ideal for everyday wear and it’s prepared using a blend of avocado, argan and jojoba oils.  If you want a brighter shade though, their Auburn Ambition is definitely worth look!

Pacifica definitely don’t skimp on their selection of coral lipsticks and lip tints though, and their Natural Rebel Sol Coral Lipstick is a must-have in my opinion. It’s just such a bright, cheerful colour with flares of intense pink and coral. Lovely for emphasising your lips, it’s also extremely affordable, coming in at just £12.99! If you’re looking for more of a lip tint though, they also offer a Blood Orange Lip Tint that provides a beautiful burst of colour, at £7.49.

Eye shadows can arguably be a bit trickier than lipsticks. Orange is a bold colour but you can definitely make it work, provided you have the right shade. INIKA come into their own here, offering a lovely coppery hue that’s perfect for emphasising your eyes. Their Copper Crush is akin to a gentle rose gold with a vibrant pigment that almost glows!

Shimmer with gold and brown

Gold is ideal if you want to achieve a stand-out look while brown is a lovely, natural colour for your eyes. Together, they can be blended to achieve a gorgeous autumnal smoky eye look!

Taking a look at lipsticks, gold might seem like an odd shade but we’re all huge fans here at Jan de Vries. INIKA’s Organic Captivating Lipstick is definitely our favourite as it mingles a pale, glistening gold with hints of nude, for a more natural shade that’s easy to wear during the day or at night. Glamorous and iridescent, you can pair this gorgeous lipstick with INIKA’s Nude Delight Lip Liner to help complete the look.

Next up we have Pacifica’s stunning Supernatural Eye Shadow Trio, containing a soft beige, a deep brown and a gentle cream. Ideal for blending and creating your own look, and available at just £11.99, I would opt for trying these shades in addition to Pacifica’s Natural Brown Eye Pencil to help add some definition. If you want to, you could finish with Pacifica’s Stellar Gaze Natural Brown Mineral Mascara to achieve maximum effect.

INIKA also offer their own selection of brown and gold eye shadows. Their Pressed Mineral Gold Oyster Eye Shadow Duo includes a creamy gold and an intense bronze, costing £18.00. Perfect for enriching your eyes, and arguably their most impressive gold shade, though, is their Gold Dust Loose Mineral Eye Shadow, which is captivating and impossible to ignore.

Think pink

Cherry lips are a big deal in autumn and a great way to really make your lips pop. Luckily, we have an excellent array of cherry-coloured products that are sure to catch your eye, including an impressive range of pinks!

Pink, of course, is a great colour for your cheeks, so this time I’ll begin with my absolute favourite blush, which would have to be INIKA’s Rosy Glow Blush Puff Pot. A delicate pink infused with soft hints of lavender, it’s simple and easy to use, coming with its own applicator that’s convenient to use on the go.

It comes in at £21.00, so it’s right in the middle of our price range, but considering it contains no preservatives, fragrances or cheap fillers, it’s definitely a bargain to us!

Okay, so moving on to your lips. As I’ve mentioned, berry colours are definitely in this season, so I’d recommend a rich, deep shade of pink. Pacifica’s Guava Berry Lip Tint definitely comes through on this count and provides a vivid hue of pink that’s lovely for your lips. At £7.49, it’s certainly an affordable option and not one you want to miss out on!

Now, I know some of you might have your doubts about pink eye shadow – after all, it’s notoriously difficult to get right. That’s why I always go for INIKA’s Loose Mineral Eye Shadow in Peach Fetish. It’s a beautiful, warm pink that really helps to energise your eyes, making them appear brighter and more lively. You can blend with a deeper shade like INIKA’s Whisper Eye Shadow to infuse with subtle hints of gold!