Your winter skin detox

Sep 11 2020Ayesha

Your winter skin detox

Detoxes come in many fun and fabulous shapes, sizes and forms, and, if done properly, they can be great for our health. It’s important to think of detoxing inside as well as out to get the most out of them! Today, I’m exploring a winter detox for the largest organ in your body – the skin. Not only will I be diving into the world of skincare products but I’ll also be looking at some lifestyle tips which are often forgotten about when it comes to skin detoxes.

Lifestyle tips:

Drink more water

Water is fundamental to our health; it carries nutrients to our cells, aids digestion, helps to flush our body of waste products, and keeps our kidneys healthy. Your skin is the largest organ in the body and is made up of cells, and skin cells, like any other cell in the body, are made up of water. Therefore, if you aren’t getting enough water into your body, dehydration can present itself in the form of dry and flaky skin patches, and because dry skin is less resilient it will be more prone to wrinkling and premature aging.

We are constantly expelling the water we take into our body so it is important to try to drink around 8 glasses of water daily to keep your hydration levels up and to replace those lost.

Get your beauty sleep!

Sleep is another fundamental factor that affects multiple areas of our overall health; it’s our body’s time to shut down and do the repair work it needs to before powering back up for the next day. During sleep our skin makes new collagen which helps to prevent wrinkles and maintain its plumpness.

Your body increases blood flow to the skin when you sleep which gives you a lovely healthy glow. Forget about having rosy cheeks if you skip out on sleep! If your skin doesn’t get this extra loving care from your circulation it ends up looking dull and lifeless. And finally we’ve got those tell-tale dark circles under the eyes – a sure skin sign that you’ve not been getting enough sleep!

Less stress

Stress can cause skin flare up issues such as acne, eczema or psoriasis. When we are stressed our body releases a hormone called cortisol which can interfere with the production and throw off other hormones in your body. This turmoil can cause breakouts on your face.

Stress can also wreak havoc on our digestive system, disrupt the balance of good and bad bacteria and cause constipation. Stress reduction will have a multitude of great benefits and there are so many ways you can reduce your stress levels; you could opt to exercise more regularly to increase the levels of the mood boosting chemical dopamine, you could try relaxation, mediation and yoga techniques, or opt for a herbal remedy such as A.Vogel’s Stress Relief Daytime.


It’s no secret that sugary foods mess with our skin and are likely suspects for causing outbreaks.  Greens such as kale, spinach and coriander help to remove heavy metals from fat cells and give the body fibre. They are rich in vitamins such as A, B, C, E and K and are essential for helping to flush toxins out of the system.


When it comes to detoxes teas are among the top of the list of go-tos. While it’s tempting to think that a detox tea will magically remedy all of our health complaints and help us to lose weight, but sadly this just isn’t often the case. Liquid diets can’t sustain our bodies for very long and they can end up making us feel worse than before we started! Instead, I’d recommend adding a few cups to a healthy diet that includes foods that will help your body to detox (such as those friendly, leafy greens I mentioned above!). This is a much gentler approach which your body will definitely thank you for!

In relation to our skin detox, teas not only help to cleanse the body from the inside, but also have a beneficial effect for our skin too. Most detox teas contain antioxidants which help support our internal organs, such as the liver and kidneys, in removing toxins from our system. Watch out for detox teas containing caffeine as these will contribute to dehydration which, as we know, isn’t beneficial for our skin.

If you’re looking for a detox tea look no further than Pukka’s Organic Detox Tea! This revitalising blend of sweet aniseed, cardamom and fennel will help refresh your metabolism and purify your body inside out. What’s more, fennel seeds are antiseptic by nature and packed with antioxidants which means they help to prevent acne, skin cell damage and maintaining the skin’s tone. Cardamom is anti-inflammatory which helps to fight off those pesky spots; cardamom also helps to stimulate circulation which in turn helps to improve the skin’s complexion.

Your winter skincare detox routine with Sukin:

At Jan de Vries we always champion products that are completely natural and so more beneficial for your skin. When it comes to a natural skin detox we’d recommend one of our most beloved brands – Sukin. To help you get your skincare detox started I’ve outlined what you should include to achieve your skin detox, explained why you should switch regular products for a natural alternative and provided you with my favourite Sukin recommendations.

What’s more, Sukin have even made us up a lovely Super Greens Facial Set which includes a facial scrub, clay masque and facial moisturiser all of which are mentioned below and are specially made of a blend of detoxifying active ingredients. Perfect for giving as a gift or for trying out yourself – natural, friendly products as well as saving money? I’d definitely call that a win-win scenario!)

1)    Exfoliate

Exfoliating will help to remove dead and dry skin cells as well as loosen toxins effectively. When old skin cells start to build up on the skin’s surface it often leaves the skin looking dry and dull. What’s more, this build up can also result in clogged up pores which, in turn, leads to blemishes and acne.

Why you should be using a natural exfoliator

First of all, natural exfoliators are more environmentally friendly than their chemically pumped counterparts, which often contain microbeads (tiny pieces of plastic that are extremely damaging for the ocean and environment).

If that wasn’t enough to convince you, exfoliators that are made from harsh chemicals often irritate and damage skin. They can even create tiny microscopic tears in skin, which makes it more prone to spots and premature aging.

A friendly, natural alternative

Here at Jan de Vries we have a whole range of natural facial scrubs that are great for your skin! Why not check out our blog for some more of our favourite natural face scrubs for your skin? If you’re looking for a nutrient-rich scrub for a nourishing skin detox however, I’d always recommend Sukin’s Super Greens Detoxifying Facial Scrub!

2)    Cleanser

Exfoliating your face is great for removing any unwanted debris, dirt and oil which is great for preventing bacteria, infections and spots from appearing. However, if we exfoliate all the time it can cause sensitivity and irritation, this is where face washes come in. Alternating your cleanser with your exfoliating scrub will help to boost hydration whilst still getting all the benefits of your exfoliator. A cleanser aims to cleanse your pores, remove makeup and eliminate impurities; it can also help to manage the pH levels of skin which, in turn, enables sufficient water and product retention.

How often should you use a face wash in comparison to a facial exfoliator?

Usually this depends on your skin type and it will be a case of trailing out to see which regularity gives you the best results. A good place to start though is using your facial exfoliator twice a week and your facial cleanser every other day. Although, this will probably change in the winter months when dry skin is most likely to occur so you may want to think about increasing your exfoliation a bit during this time.

Why you should be using a natural face wash

When it comes to face washes, most well-known brands are packed with harsh ingredients and nasty chemicals. These nasties can strip your skin of essential oils and moisture, to find out which nasties you should be avoiding check out our blog ‘Is your face wash secretly damaging your skin?

A friendly, natural alternative

Not a part of Sukin’s Super Green collection but definitely one of my favourite products is Sukin’s Foaming Facial Cleanser. This cleanser is especially suited to those of us with dry and oily skin providing a gentle foaming action without the need for sulphates and parabens. It contains chamomile, aloe vera and witch hazel to soothe skin, whilst macadamia and evening primrose oils help to restore moisture and nourishment. Finally, this versatile cleanser also contains green tea which is not only packed full of antioxidants which can help to fight free-radicals that cause aging but is also a great detoxifying agent.

3)    Moisturise

Detoxing is a great way to get rid of unwanted toxins in the body – in this case the skin – but we need to replace these toxins with something much more beneficial to us – say hello to moisturisers! Moisturisers are important for helping to maintain the skin’s balance, too much oil or too much dryness can easily give rise to common skin conditions like acne. When it comes to your skincare routine moisturisers are a particularly important product so it’s important to make sure you get them right.

Why you should be using a natural moisturiser

As I mentioned above it’s important to replace any toxins that we’ve got rid of with good nutrients that our skin needs and deserves. That means goodbye harmful chemicals hello natural ingredients and moisture retention products.

A friendly, natural alternative

Not all moisturisers work for all people which is why I’d suggest taking a look at our article on Which moisturiser for which skin type? However, if you’re loving Sukin as much as I am right now I’d definitely give their Super Greens Nutrient Rich Facial Moisturiser a go!

Another member of Sukin’s Super Greens collection this lightweight moisturiser is enriched with extracts of kale, spirulina, parsley and chlorella to encourage a radiant complexion. Acai and goji berry extracts, which are rich in antioxidants, are included to minimise the appearance of fine lines and hydrating oils such as rosehip, avocado and jojoba lock moisture into skin.

4)    Face mask

Face masks are the perfect way to pamper yourself and can help out with skin concerns. Face masks can operate on a range of different levels from hydrating, removing oils, and improving the appearance of your pores. They are also great at drawing out toxins from the skin which makes them an excellent detox tool.

Why you should be using a natural face mask

Some face masks contain ingredients that can be particularly drying on skin and can actually do more harm than good! As well as drawing out impurities face masks can potentially draw out important nutrients that we want to keep which is why it is important to keep an eye on how long you leave your face mask on for.

A friendly, natural alternative

Sukin’s Super Greens Detoxifying Facial Masque is a fantastic, paraben-free alternative to those masks that are packed with chemicals. The balanced blend of clay enriched with kale, goji berry and bentonite that help detoxify the skin with avocado, baobab and rosehip oil to hydrate this is the perfect mask to help replenish skin and maintain a healthy, youthful glow.