6 steps to prevent your hair from tangling at night

Sep 11 2020Jeanette

6 steps to prevent your hair from tangling at night

Are you fed up with having to deal with a tangled bed head? As you toss and turn in the world of nod your head rubs against the pillow and this causes the hair to tangle. However, I hope to put an end to your frustration by discussing six simple steps to keep you hair from tangling at night!

Step 1: Shampoo and condition

First and foremost, what you put on your hair can help keep those tangles in check!

As always, here at Jan de Vries we’d recommend you stick to natural products wherever possible as these offer a host of benefits, whilst also being gentle on the hair.

As my colleague Ayesha explains, when it comes to hair care we particularly love John Masters because they choose to use only the purest organic ingredients in their products. Their Organic Hibiscus Shampoo stands out because not only is it suitable for all hair types, it also contains a host of nutrients, proteins and amino acids. These help to strengthen and moisturise the hair which, in turn, helps to minimise tangling.

However, if we wish to get rid of tangles then we can’t go without conditioner! Here John Masters again lead the way with their Organic Lavender Conditioner. This is enriched with soy protein and avocado oil which together hydrate and strengthen the hair. This also improves the hairs natural softness and shine and discourages tangles from forming.

Many of us enjoy a shower or bath before going to bed as it helps us relax and refresh after the day’s activities. However, to prevent tangles from forming it is essential that you use a good quality, natural shampoo and conditioner if you choose to wash before bed.

Step 2: Use a leave-in conditioner

Rather than heading straight to the hair dryer after washing your hair, it’s important that you apply some protection first. There are a variety of products you can use here but to defend against heat and tangles, a leave in conditioner such as Giovanni’s Ultra-Sleek Leave-In Conditioner and Styling Elixir is a good option.

This contains a mix of ingredients including coconut oil and argan oil which encourage softer and smoother strands of hair than are much less prone to tangling. 

Step 3: Try argan oil

Argan oil is ground from kernels that are found in the argan tree, a plant native to Morocco. It has long been used for cooking with but offers a lot of benefits for the hair too.

Argan oil contains omega 6 and vitamin E for example, which together soften and strengthen the hair to prevent breakage. It also moisturises the hair and in doing so keeps those tangles at bay.

That’s not all though as argan oil also helps to defend against the heat of hair dryers, straighteners and curlers making it a great product to apply immediately after showering or bathing. By keeping the hair healthy, you are also able to prevent tangles.

So, where can you find this all-round amazing hair product? Well, look no further than John Masters!

Yet again they lead the way with their 100% pure Argan Oil.

If you are wondering how to go about applying argan oil I’d recommend you have a look at my colleague Liz’s blog ‘How often should I use argan oil in my hair?’

Step 4: Dry your hair

Did you know that your hair tangles more easily when it is wet? This means that if you want to keep the mess at bay, it’s important you dry your hair before going to bed. That being said, don’t forget to apply argan oil or a protective leave-in conditioner first!

Step 5: Brush your hair

Ok, this one may seem a little obvious but there’s no harm in reminding you - brush your hair before going to bed. From the weather to styling, your hair goes through a lot in a day and it needs to be detangled at the end of it all. If you fail to do this, the mess will only be harder to deal with in the morning!

A wide toothed comb or a large paddle brush is suitable for all hair types so start at the bottom and work your way up to get rid of all tangles

Step 6: Put your hair up

Finally, it’s easier to prevent tangles if your hair is up at night. Don’t worry though, I’m not suggesting you opt for a bun or ponytail here – these might make it a little difficult to get comfy as you sleep! However, loose plaits will keep your hair in place whilst also being less annoying!