Does sea salt help to hold curls

Sep 11 2020Jenny

Does sea salt help to hold curls

Sea salt is being touted as the must-have hair care product of the season, with people recommending it for everything, from adding to texture to your hair to creating the ideal ‘beach waves.’ However, can sea salt actually help to create curls and increase their staying power? Today I’ll be examining whether or not sea salt can truly hold curls and what you can do to get the perfect ringlets!

Why is sea salt spray so popular

Sea salt spray as seen a boom in popularity in the last couple of years but you might be wondering why? Well, sea salt spray has a number of benefits – it’s great at adding texture and volume to your hair, it can help to absorb excess oil from your scalp, tame frizz and it even increases the holding power of your chosen style.

However, that being said, sea salt spray might not be for everyone. If you have dry hair, for example, sea salt may take essential oils and nutrients away from your hair, resulting in brittle strands that are more prone to damage and split ends. If you want to learn more about the effects that sea salt can have on your hair, I’d highly recommend checking out my colleague Ayesha’s blog, ‘Is sea salt bad for your hair.’

Can sea salt spray give you curly hair?

Sea salt spray, while excellent for taming frizz and adding volume to your curls, won’t in and of itself give you curly hair. Sorry! However, it’s still a great product for incorporating into your routine if you’re aiming to create perfect waves. That’s why, if you are trying to get the perfect beach curls, I’ve including my simple 3 step plan below!

1 – Give your hair a brush

Okay, this might sound a bit of an odd first step – presumably you brush your hair every day! The other part of this first step involves entering a shower though, so hear me out. Your hair is often prone to becoming tangled when it’s wet and wet hair is also more susceptible to breakages and split ends. That’s why it can really help if you give your hair a quick brush before entering the shower, taking a pre-emptive strike against knots and snarls. 

2 – Apply a detangling conditioner

If you’ve read Ayesha’s blog, then you’ll know that sea salt can be quite abrasive for certain hair types which is why, if you are going to be using sea salt spray, it’s a good idea to also use an ultra-nourishing conditioner too. You could try John Masters’ Honey & Hibiscus Organic Hair Reconstructor which works to strengthen and renew vulnerable or damaged hair.

Alternatively, if you want to achieve smooth, curly locks, it might be worth trying a detangler like John Masters’ Organic Rosemary Detangler, which is incredible for finer hair types and is infused with soy and whey proteins to build stronger hair that’s less prone to tangling.

If you feel your hair needs all the treatment it can get, you could opt for a leave in conditioner.  I’d personally recommend Giovanni’s Ultra-Sleek Leave in Conditioner and Elixir. This is definitely the best option if you have colour-treated hair and as an added bonus it contains extracts of argan oil, which is extremely rich in antioxidants and very moisturising for hair that’s on the drier end of the spectrum.

3 - Finish with a spritz of sea salt spray and scrunch

Once you’ve lightly patted your hair until it’s damp, you can start to apply the sea salt spray. How much you use depends on your own preference but I’d advise sticking to a couple of sprays – a little sea salt can go a long way! If you’ve got longer hair, it might also be an idea to avoid spraying your scalp and the top of your hair as this may weigh your hair down, making it less likely to curl.

After you’ve applied the spray to your hair, you can start to twist and scrunch your hair – this will encourage it to dry into the soft, bouncy curls you’re looking for as the sea salt spray will work to hold it in place.  Again, it’s up to you whether or not you want to let your hair air dry naturally, but it’s definitely the approach I would take as thermal heat, combined with the sea salt spray, might lead to a little bit more crunch than you’d hoped for.

Our favourite sea salt spray

So, at this point you’re probably wondering what’s the best sea salt spray to use on your hair. Well, I always try to get a sea salt product that contains other nourishing ingredients. Unfortunately, most high-street sprays include abrasive components like alcohol, which will only dry your hair out even further. That’s why I always recommend John Masters’ Sea Mist Organic Sea Salt Spray with Lavender as it contains nothing but pure sea salt and organic lavender oil.

It should come as no surprise that lavender oil can be very soothing for your hair, possessing natural anti-inflammatory properties that can help to reduce any signs of dullness. It also conditions your hair, leaving it naturally soft and with a gorgeous shine that definitely does not detract away from sea salt’s holding power.