How do I keep my dyed hair from fading

Sep 11 2020Sam

How do I keep my dyed hair from fading

It can be a magical experience to leave the salon with your vibrant, freshly coloured hair but unfortunately, this fairy-tale doesn’t always last. Hot water, chlorine, thermal heat and shampoos – these are just a few of the challenges awaiting coloured hair when you get home so what can you do to retain your hair’s newfound vivacity? Don’t worry – help is at hand! In today’s blog, I’ll be taking a look at what you can do to maximise your dye’s longevity, preventing your hair colour from fading.

How long does it take hair dye to fade?

When it comes to dyeing your hair, one thing you probably look for is longevity.

Permanent hair dyes, despite their name, will fade over time although how long this process takes can vary. Ideally, permanent dyes should last until new hair starts to grow in - around six weeks. It’s important to bear in mind that this can depend on how quickly your hair grows and the colour won’t go away all at once, your roots will be exposed first.

This is how long your dye should last but unfortunately, it can start to fade before your new hair grows in. Anything from how often you wash your hair to the colour you’ve dyed it to begin with can dictate how quickly the colour fades. For example, red and darker hair dyes are thought to be the most vulnerable to colour loss as these colours won’t be able to penetrate your hair as deeply as other colour molecules.

Don’t despair though – there’s plenty you can do to safeguard your coloured hair and protect it from the effects of fading!

How can I get my hair colour to last longer?

Look at what you’re using on your hair!

Okay, so you’re looking to enhance the longevity of your hair dye – where do you start? Well, looking at the products that you use on your hair is a good first step. There are numerous ingredients contained in conventional hair care products that can upset your hair and impact the efficiency of your dye – think alcohol, chlorine and ammonia!

Your best option is to go for a shampoo and conditioner that have been specifically engineered for coloured hair. Natural is best – after all, it isn’t just your hair colour you need to worry about! Coloured hair might be more vulnerable to being damaged by harsh parabens and chemicals too!

Here at Jan de Vries, we’re big advocates of John Masters’, an organic and cruelty-free hair care brand that have sworn off using harmful toxins and chemicals in their products. Infused with nourishing botanicals, amino acids and proteins, their Organic Hibiscus Shampoo and Honey & Hibiscus Hair Reconstructor are perfect for dry, damaged or colour-treated hair!

How often are you washing it?

When it comes to coloured hair, how often you wash your hair matters – even from the moment you dye your hair  it’s recommended you avoid getting it wet for up to 72 hours to preserve the dye! Unfortunately, we’re all a little guilty of over-washing our hair and this can take a toll on our dye. Hot water in particular can be problematic as it opens your hair cuticles and this allows the dye to gradually bleed out!

You might be a bit nervous at the thought of not washing your hair every day but don’t worry! For normal hair types, giving your hair a break from shampoo can actually be quite beneficial. This is because shampoo is designed to trap oils and, if used too much, it can actually dry your hair out.

If you have finer or oilier hair though, understandably you may have no choice but to wash your hair regularly. In this instance, as undesirable as it may sound, try to rinse your hair with cold water. Unlike hot water, cold water can help to close your hair cuticles, keeping your dye intact!

Step away from the curling tongs

Once you’re out of the shower, you’re probably ready to dry and style your hair and the odds are that some form of thermal heat will play a role in this. From curling tongs to straighteners to hair dryers, we seem to love exposing our hair to intense temperatures but this isn’t always for the best. I’m sure you’re all aware by now, that these types of styling products are more than capable of damaging your hair and therefore increasing the risk of breakages and split ends!

Coloured hair in particular can be vulnerable to the effects of heat so you’re going to want to either minimise your use of these products or invest in a good heat protection spray. Why not experiment with the former? There are a variety of natural styles out there from messy up-dos to loose curls that can be achieved by braiding your hair at night.

However, if you really can’t manage without the aid of your curlers, you’re going to want to invest in a good protective treatment to keep your hair guarded against the wear and tear of thermal heat. Heat protective sprays are an incredibly popular option but instead I’d like to draw your attention to my secret weapon against hair straighteners and curling tongs – argan oil!

Prepared from argan kernels, argan oil is rich in antioxidant vitamin E and omega-6 fatty acids, helping to rejuvenate dry, damaged hair and encouraging healthy growth. Applying a little bit of argan oil to damp hair before blow drying can really help to protect your hair from thermal heat and even applying a couple of drops afterwards can ensure a healthy shine and  combat frizz!

When it comes to the type of argan oil you should be using always go organic and always go pure – that’s why I always recommend John Masters’ 100% Pure Argan Oil which has been cold-pressed to preserve as much goodness as possible!

Lock in the moisture

Okay, so I’m pretty sure that by now I’ve mentioned the vulnerability of coloured hair more than a few times! While it might be quite simple to keep your hair protected from over-washing and thermal heat, there’s not much you can do about your environment. From pollutants to windy weather to sunlight – sometimes it can seem as though the whole world is out to get your hair and leach your beautiful colour!

So what can you do to protecting your hair and its vibrancy from these culprits? Barricade yourself in a dark room for several months? Well, obviously this is not a solution and it’s inevitable that your hair is going to come into contact with the wider world at some point. While you can limit your exposure to sunlight and chlorinated swimming pools, I’d still recommend showing your hair some TLC and locking in as much moisture as possible.

This might mean that once or twice a week you have to splash out and indulge in a leave-in conditioner. Unlike normal conditioners which usually get washed out a couple of minutes, a leave-in conditioner has more opportunity to penetrate your hair, allowing all those lovely nutrients and antioxidants to get to work! My personal recommendation in this field would have to be Giovanni’s Ultra Sleek Leave-in Conditioner and Styling Elixir.

Unlike some leave-in conditioners, this formula is completely safe for colour-treated hair and actively helps to discourage tangles and frizz! Infused with nourishing ingredients such as Shea butter, coconut oil and our old friend argan oil, it works to shield your hair from the elements, providing a gorgeous, natural-looking shine!