How do you curl your hair naturally

Sep 14 2020Ayesha

How do you curl your hair naturally

When it comes to hair styles, curls have always been in vogue but achieving this look can be tricky. These days most of us will simply turn to our curlers to do the job for us however, this does present problems as thermal heat can damage your hair. That’s why today I’m taking a look at 5 natural, heat-free ways to get those effortless ringlets and how you can maintain this style all day long! 


Simple, but definitely effective, scrunching is an easy technique to master. All you need are your hands, a volumising shampoo and conditioner, plus some styling gel.

 Once you’ve thoroughly washed and detangled your hair, gently pat some of the excess moisture out with a towel (pat, not squeeze as this can encourage frizz!) and apply a small, pea-sized amount of gel to your hair. Then all you need to do is scrunch your hair with your hands and leave it to dry naturally – super simple!

However, the products you use here do count so it’s always best to opt for high-quality, natural products. Jason’s Volumizing Lavender Shampoo and Conditioner is a good choice as these products contain nourishing botanical ingredients as well as wheat protein to encourage stronger hair and more volumising curls.

Once you’ve applied these products, the next thing you’ll need to think about is a gel. This can be difficult as most gels are loaded with harsh chemicals and can leave your hair feeling a bit sticky after use. That’s why I’m a big fan of Jason’s Hi Shine Styling Gel which is enriched with witch hazel, calendula and linseed extract to help provide texture and shape to stubborn hair.

However, a recent trend that has sky-rocketed is the idea of loose ‘beach curls’ which most people achieve using sea salt spray so, if this is more your style, you could try using John Masters’ Sea Mist Organic Sea Salt Spray with Lavender, which is perfect to use if you’re in a hurry!


Braiding your hair is a popular style unto itself but it’s also a great way to achieve loose curls. All you need to do is plait your damp hair into two braids on either side of your head, keeping them nice and tight to avoid any frizz. You could try doing this overnight if you’re in a rush the next morning but in any case, wait until your hair is dry before undoing the braid and then set with some hairspray – John Masters once again might be a good choice as they offer a lightweight Hair Spray that helps to tackle frizz and contains cleansing aloe vera!


An old one but a good one, when you think of hair rollers, the chances are you imagine someone from the fifties but these hair helpers are still going strong today and for a good reason. All you need for this method are some Velcro hair rollers and some hairspray (once again, think John Masters!). Once you’ve washed your hair and it’s damp, not soaking wet, you can begin by sectioning your hair and then, using the rollers, roll upwards until they’re sitting comfortably against your scalp. Simply wait a few hours, or overnight, and then undo and, using a wide-toothed comb, gently run through your hair before setting with spray.

Twist bun

While your hair is damp, separate your hair into two sections and then twist each section tightly, winding towards your scalp until you have secured two hair buns. Then, either let your hair dry overnight or for a few hours before unwinding. It’s very important that your hair has been thoroughly detangled before adopting this method so you could try using a detangling product like John Masters’ Organic Citrust Detangler which is particularly effective for very fine hair that’s prone to flyaway strands.

Sock bun

It’s time to raid your sock drawers! This method might sound a bit odd but stick with us on this. Select a pair of socks – just make sure they’re old and disposable so you won’t miss them. Ensure that your hair is slightly damp but not too wet before snipping the toes off your socks. Roll your now toe-less socks inside out until they look a little bit like a donut. Take your hair and gather it into a high ponytail before placing the ends through your ‘sock donut’ and then roll and tuck your hair around the sock.