How do you get rid of greasy hair fast?

Sep 14 2020Sharon

How do you get rid of greasy hair fast?

From your shampoo to the way you style your hair, there a number of things that can contribute to greasy hair. As this is such a common problem today I thought I’d have a look at how you can get on top of the issue, plus I’ll go into a little more detail about why the problem occurs in the first place.

Why does my hair get greasy after one day?

You might assume that washing your hair would get rid of all signs of grease – after all, isn’t the purpose of shampoo to get rid of dirt, oil and any other residue? Well, the answer to this is yes, shampoo does clean the hair however, because greasy hair does not come about because the hair is dirty, shampoo won’t necessarily help to solve the problem.

If the issue develops all of a sudden then there are a number of things that could be to blame including the following:

  • Changing your shampoo
  • Starting a new medication
  • Hormonal changes (due to puberty, stress, pregnancy, medication, the menopause)

If greasy hair has been a more long term problem for you then it could simply be because you were predisposed to it. If the sebaceous glands in your scalp produce too much oil for example, then this leads to the appearance of greasy hair.

What shampoo is best for greasy hair?

If you want to tackle the issue of greasy hair then the best place to start is with your shampoo. However, as there are so many products on the market here it can be a little challenging to figure out which one is best. So, to help you out here are my top three shampoos for people who suffer from greasy hair.

Aloe vera shampoo

It can be beneficial to use a shampoo with aloe vera in it when your hair is greasy as this natural ingredient helps to control the scalp’s production of sebum oil – the stuff that’s at the root of the greasy hair problem.

Here at Jan de Vries we are big fans of Green People’s Daily Shampoo with Aloe Vera as this cleans the hair gently without damaging it or the skin. It has a soft lavender scent and leaves the hair feeling soft and fresh.

Tea Tree shampoo

Another good ingredient for greasy hair is tea tree oil as research shows it can help to reduce oiliness, as well as itching and dandruff.[1] If you’d like to try this out for yourself however, I’d recommend using Jason’s Normalising Tea Tree Shampoo which is enriched with Australian Tea Tree. Not only will this help to address the problem of greasy hair, it also strengthens the hair and leaves it feeling soft, smooth and voluminous – perfect!

Clarifying shampoo

Finally, a clarifying shampoo effectively detoxes the hair by getting rid of product build up and excess oil that may be contributing to the problem of greasy hair. At Jan de Vries we love Green People’s Clarifying Vitamin Shampoo as it is made from natural ingredients including aloe vera, avocado and bergamot. Together these nourish the hair and leave it feeling soft and refreshed.

What can I do to stop my hair from getting greasy?

Although shampoo can help to control greasy hair there are a few other things that might also reduce the severity of the problem.

Use less product – shampoo does the job, only use a little at a time

Don’t play with your hair – brushing your hair frequently or twisting it around your fingers encourages the production of oil so exacerbates the problem of greasy hair. To avoid this, try putting your hair in an “up do” such as a bun or plaits and try not to brush your hair too often (twice a day should do it).

Wash your hair less often – shampooing strips the hair of its natural oils and so the sebaceous glands end up having to produce more. However, leaving a bit of time between each wash slows down the production of oil as the sebaceous glands get used to having to produce less.