How do you keep your hair straight overnight?

Sep 14 2020Yvonne

How do you keep your hair straight overnight?

Straightening the hair can take a great deal of time and effort so it makes sense that we’d want to keep it straight for as long as possible after styling. In this blog we aim to help you out with this matter by offering some simple tips to help you keep your hair straight overnight. By putting this advice into practice you shouldn’t have to resort to straightening your hair every day! 

Opt for a moisturising shampoo and conditioner

First things first, a good quality moisturising shampoo and conditioner is crucial to achieving and retaining a straight hair style. These encourage smooth and healthy hair which paves the way nicely for straighteners.

Here at Jan de Vries we always advocate a natural approach to hair care and so that’s why we’re happy to recommend Green People’s Moisturising Shampoo and also their Moisturising Conditioner. These contain a mix of aloe vera, neroli, orange and chamomile which cleanses the hair and restores natural oils. As the heat from straighteners can be quite damaging for the hair, this makes each product the perfect forbearer to styling.

Follow our guide to straightening your hair

Straightening hair, you say, that’s easy – simply run the product down each strand of hair until its poker flat! Well, this is the gist of the process, yes, but it’s not the whole story. Since straighteners are likely to damage the hair, you also have to take steps to keep this damage to a minimum. You can read my colleague Ayesha’s blog ‘How can you straighten your hair without damaging it?’ for more information on this particular topic.

When you straighten your hair matters!

As for keeping your hair straight overnight, well employing some practical tips can help here too. When you straighten your hair is particularly important because if you do it in the morning for example, it’s likely to frizz or kink due to the temperature and weather changes it has to endure throughout the day. If you straighten your hair immediately before bed however, it has time to settle into the style and will be more likely to last through to the following day.

Apply hair serum

This is a great all-round hair care product because not only does it act as a styling agent, it also encourages soft, shiny hair that can easily hold a straight style.

Here at Jan de Vries Green People’s Hair Serum with Quinoa and Avocado is a particular favourite. As well as the benefits listed above, this product can even be used by those with sensitive skin as it’s rich in nutrients and contains no nasty artificial scents or parabens. 

Try a defrizzer

What better way is there to combat flyaway hairs and waves than with a defrizzer? Made with a whole host of organic ingredients including jojoba oil and rosemary oil, John Masters have one of the most natural and high quality defrizzers on the market. This helps to nourish and hydrate the hair plus, unlike similar products it doesn’t weight down the hair or make it sticky – this is just what you need when you’re heading to bed!

Wrap the hair

A loose bun is another good way to keep the hair straight overnight as it prevents tangles from developing as your hair rubs the pillow. Alternatively, wrapping the hair in a silk or satin scarf helps to prevent frizz and tangles from forming as a result of the friction between your hair and pillow.

Use a silk pillowcase

Similarly, a silk pillowcase discourages friction so is a good option if you want to keep your hair straight as you toss and turn throughout the night. It is a little more comfortable than wearing your hair in a bun or wrapping your hair in a silk scarf but brings the same benefits.  

Keep your room cool

Heat and humidity can contribute to frizz whilst sweat may encourage waves to form in the hair. So, whether you open windows or keep the radiator off, keep your bedroom cool whilst you sleep in order to maintain straight hair.

How do I keep my hair straight throughout the day?

Now that you have some advice on how to keep your hair straight at night, you may be wondering how to do the same during the day. Well, my colleague Ayesha has written a blog on the topic so click the link to read it now!