How do you use hair serum?

Sep 14 2020Joanna

How do you use hair serum?

Hair serum is a great all-round product as it can be used to style the hair whilst also improving the health of it. However, how exactly should you apply the product? Should the hair be wet or dry? Should you use a little or a lot? I hope to answer all of these questions in today’s blog!

Green People Hair Serum

Before I explain how to apply hair serum, there’s just the small matter of deciding which product to use. Here at Jan de Vries we’re all about a natural approach to hair care and that’s why we like to recommend Green People’s Hair Serum with Quinoa and Avocado. Avocado is rich in antioxidants that condition the hair whilst quinoa encourages volume and shine.

By using natural ingredients Green People have been able to create a lightweight product that is neither sticky nor heavy. Instead it is really easy to wash out and is barely visible when applied to the hair.

This serum works on all hair types and is even suitable for those with sensitive scalps so there are more than just a few reasons why we love this product!

Try applying the product before you wash it

This can help to combat frizz and dryness so is a good option if your hair is prone to either of these things. In this instance you should squirt a sizeable amount of serum into your hands and then rub through your hair, taking care to ensure that the ends have been fully covered. Allow the product to soak into the hair for a while (no less than ten minutes) and then rinse your hair before applying shampoo and conditioner.

Green People’s Moisturising Shampoo would be a great follow up to their serum as this product cleanses and conditions the hair using natural oils. This encourages easy-to-manage and tangle-free hair so there will definitely be no signs of frizz after this hair care regime!

Using hair serum as styling agent

Although serum can be applied to either wet or dry hair, if you choose to style your hair with the product I always think it’s best to do it when the hair is dry. Simply rub a small amount of serum (about the size of a fifty pence piece) into the palm of your hands and then work this through your hair. Start at the top and work in sections till the serum is evenly spread. Once the serum is distributed you can style your hair as you like – it really is that simple!

Using hair serum as a leave-in conditioner

Serum can also be used as a leave-in conditioner which encourages softer, smoother looking hair. In this instance work a small amount of product through damp, gently towel-dried hair. Make sure you focus on the ends of your hair as this area is the most prone to damage and dryness. Also, a thick toothed comb will also ensure that the serum is evenly distributed. Once applied you don’t need to wash the serum out simply continue styling your hair as normal.

My top tips for using hair serum

  • Too much can leave your hair looking greasy so use small amounts at a time – start small and you can always add more if need be
  • After applying serum you may feel your hair needs a little added volume so you could try curling your hair. However, just remember to apply a heat protection spray first – John Masters’ Argan Oil is perfect for this purpose!

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