How often should I use argan oil on my hair?

Sep 14 2020Liz

How often should I use argan oil on my hair?

Argan oil has seen a rise in popularity recently as its benefits for hair and beauty are slowly realised by more and more people. When it comes to using argan oil though, there can be some confusion about how to apply it and how often to do so. However, I’m here to offer some advice on these issues and to clear up any queries you have surrounding the oil.

 What’s argan oil?

Argan oil is extracted from the kernels of argan trees, a plant native to Morocco. This makes it a highly natural ingredient which Moroccans often use for cooking. However, argan oil is perhaps more well-known for its role in beauty and hair care products as it has been shown to have very positive results here. 

Argan oil benefits

There are a number of benefits to be gained from using argan oil but let’s just start by mentioning its high omega-6 content. Research has found that taking supplements of both omega-3 and omega-6 could help to fight hair loss and improve hair density. 1 However, omega-6 is equally beneficial when it is applied to the hair directly in the form of argan oil as this softens the hair and prevents breakage. The oil is therefore ideal for those with frizzy, dry or damaged hair as it encourages smoother and more manageable hair.

Alongside its omega-6 content, argan oil also acts a moisturiser, helping to nourish the hair and bring a shine to it. This moisturising effect also applies to the scalp where the oil has a soothing effect. This, in turn, addresses issues like dandruff and dryness to help you achieve more healthy-looking hair. 

Argan oil also encourages cell renewal which adds volume to the hair and helps to rejuvenate it. Although this is beneficial for everyone, it is particularly of use to those with thin hair.

We cannot discuss argan oil without briefly mentioning the advantages the skin can gain from using it. Argan oil is rich in antioxidants and vitamin E which help to protect the skin from free radical damage. This is a major cause of premature aging so the oil could help to keep your skin looking fresh!

Applying argan oil 

Argan oil can be used either before or after washing your hair but for the best results, follow these steps. 

Before showering:

  1. Put a little oil in your hands – you only need a few drops 
  2. Massage the argan oil into your scalp using your fingertips
  3. Use a comb to distribute the oil throughout your hair
  4. Wrap your hair in a warm towel before showering for at least ten minutes later (a little longer would work well too)

After showering:

  1. Towel-dry your hair
  2. Put a few drops of oil onto your hands (again a little goes a long way!)
  3. Massage the oil into your hair (combing it through would also work)
  4. Leave the oil for at least five minutes to let it soak through
  5. Dry and style your hair as you like – as well as all the benefits I’ve mentioned above, argan oil also protects against the heat of straighteners and hair dryers so you don’t apply any other styling products on top of it
  6. If you put too much argan oil on remember you could just rinse your hair a little

How often should I use it?

How often you use argan oil depends on your hair type and the condition of it. If you have dry, damaged or frizzy hair for example, then you may find it best to use the oil every day as this way you will continually benefit from its revitalising effects. Plus, the hair can easily be damaged by the sun, humidity and colouring so using a little argan oil every day will help to protect against these things.
If you would describe your hair condition as normal though, you may gain enough of the oils benefits from using it just once or twice a week. Really though, it’s up to you how often you use argan oil in your hair!

Types of products

There are a lot of products out there that contain argan oil so it can be a little confusing when you are trying to decide which one to purchase. However, to narrow down your options make sure you look at only pure argan oils as any synthetic ingredients could limit the effectiveness of it.

Here at Jan de Vries we have a product that fulfils that requirement as John Masters Argan Oil is 100% organically certified argan oil! With a host of nutrients including the all-important vitamin E and omga-6, this product will help to rejuvenate your hair whilst also preventing damage.