How to use sea salt on men's hair

Sep 15 2020Gill

How to use sea salt on men's hair

Sea salt spray is fast becoming one of the most popular hair care products of the year and, although this boom is often associated with getting those perfect ‘beach curls’, it seems part of its success is owed to its versatility when it comes to styling men’s hair. That’s why today I’m going to talk a little bit more about the benefits of sea salt for men’s hair and how you can make the most of it whilst styling your hair. 

What are the benefits of using a sea salt spray?

Sea salt spray, as the name may suggest, is usually a formula that involves a combination of sea salt, water and sometimes other ingredients. It’s skyrocketed in popularity in recent months as it is well known for giving a ‘beach like effect’, providing your hair with waves and volume.

This, understandably, makes it quite a desirable product if you tend to have finer hair that errs a bit on the flat side. Sea salt works to give such hair texture, absorbing any excess oils and making it easier to create your own look. However, the product isn’t without its drawbacks – if your hair is naturally dry, sea salt can sometimes make hair even more dehydrated which is why, if you have this type of hair, its important you put in some work to condition your hair before using a sea salt spray.

This could involve investing in a nourishing conditioner like John Masters’ Honey & Hibiscus Organic Hair Reconstructor or an ultra-hydrating oil. When it comes to using oil on your hair, argan oil would be my top recommendation. John Masters’ 100% Argan Oil is extremely rich in omega fatty acids and it actively works to prevent hair breakages, leaving your hair feeling softer and more manageable.

How do you style your hair using sea salt?

Sea salt spray works to enhance your hair’s natural look so if you’re looking for a product that’s similar to a gel, this might not be what you’re after. Instead, sea salt helps to provide volume and texture, allowing your hair to move and breathe. You can use sea salt on dry or wet hair – here at Jan de Vries we tend to find that using it on damp hair works best.

How much sea salt spray you’ll need to use will depend on the type of hair you have – I usually say that a little sea salt can go a long way but if your hair is thicker, you may need to apply a little bit more. To achieve your desired look work the product into your hair from root to tip using your hands

After this step you can either let your hair dry naturally for a looser, messier style or blow dry to add more volume.

Which sea salt spray should you be using?

Not all sea salt sprays were created equal so knowing which spray to use can be tricky. This is because most high street sea salt sprays come with added, unwanted extras including harsh chemicals, parabens, preservatives and alcohol. All of these work to exaggerate the drying effect of sea salt, leaving you with brittle hair that’s more prone to breakages.

That’s why I recommend picking a product that contains natural components in addition to the sea salt. Rather than dehydrating your hair, these will help to maintain its health and vitality, moisturising and strengthening your locks. It’s for this reason that John Masters’ Sea Mist Organic Sea Salt Spray with Lavender is so popular with our customers here at Jan de Vries. It contains only three basic ingredients – sea salt, water and lavender oil. Organic and 100% cruelty-free, the addition of lavender oil helps to soothe and comfort your hair whilst the sea salt gets to work providing a matte texture that’s easy to work with and style.