Is coconut oil good for detangling hair?

Sep 15 2020Anne

Is coconut oil good for detangling hair?

Coconut oil has long been used in cooking because of the health benefits it offers however, more recently it has emerged as a popular hair care product. Made from the contents of matured coconuts, coconut oil can be used for styling and for improving the general health of the hair. That’s not all though, it also makes a good detangler so in this blog I reveal just how to use coconut oil for this purpose!

When should you use coconut oil?

People are often sceptical of using coconut oil on their hair because it’s said to come with a few unwanted effects. It’s been accused of drying out the hair for example, and covering up hair problems without really solving them.

If you wish to moisten your hair then this definitely isn’t the right product to turn to because oil stops water from soaking into the hair. This is why coconut oil may contribute to or exaggerate dryness.

If your hair is damaged as a result of colouring or heat however, then a coconut oil may prove beneficial. That’s because coconut oil contains amino acids which are needed to build protein and maintain healthy hair.

Can coconut oil detangle hair?

As well as aiding the health of the hair, coconut oil also makes a good detangler that will keep you from tugging away at your hair each morning!

We have a whole blog that discusses how to use coconut oil in your hair however, for now here is a short step by step guide to detangling your hair.

  1. Take a very small handful of coconut oil - a little goes a long way here as too much oil will leave your hair looking greasy
  2. Rub the oil in your hands until it softens
  3. Start to gently distribute the oil into your hair starting at the ends and working your way to the roots (you can apply coconut oil to wet or dry hair)
  4. To make sure the oil is evenly distributed brush your hair with a  fine toothed comb
  5. Leave the coconut oil in your hair for around 30 minutes
  6. Shampoo and condition your hair as normal
  7. Brush and dry your tangle-free hair!

Coconut oil products

Ok, so we’ve covered what coconut oil can be used for and how to use it so next up for discussion is what products you should use.

Here at Jan de Vries we stock a range of different coconut oils but for me Coconut Merchant’s Organic Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil stands out. Unlike many similar products, here the coconut oil is cold pressed meaning it retains all its natural goodness.

As well as helping to detangle your hair though, this coconut oil can also be used to moisturise the skin. Also, Coconut Merchant’s coconut oil makes a tasty addition to meals like stir fry where it adds a subtle, sweet flavour!