The best way to straighten your hair without heat

Sep 15 2020Liz

The best way to straighten your hair without heat

Many of us want to achieve a straight, smooth hairstyle but don’t want to cause damage by applying heat every day. So, here at Jan de Vries this got us thinking – is there an alternative? Well, we’ve discovered that the answer to this is definitely yes and, in fact, there are a number of natural ways to achieve smoother looking locks!

Start with a high quality shampoo and conditioner

If you want to achieve straight hair without using the heat of straighteners, a good quality, natural shampoo is the best place to start. There are lots of products on the market here but look for one that encourages smooth and shiny hair. This’ll keep frizz at bay thus helping to encourage straight hair without the need for heat.   

If you’re looking for recommendations then Dr Hauschka is a good place to start. Their Nourishing Hair Conditioner contains 100% natural ingredients such as marshmallow, nettle, neem and jojoba. These not only leave the hair feeling soft and shiny, but they also hydrate and nourish it too. So, you’ll achieve a straighter style whilst also improving the overall health and appearance of the hair.

Use hair ties overnight

Hair ties are another simple alternative to straighteners. To encourage straighter strands of hair just tie two low ponytails at the back of your head. After this, place another hair tie a few centimetres down, followed by another until the length of your ponytail is taken up with hair ties. To avoid the hair ties causing kinks in your hair or, indeed, damaging it, use soft hair ties or scrunchies. Also, for the best results leave this style in your hair overnight.

Apply hair serum

Although your shampoo and conditioner can encourage straight hair, if you feel your hair needs an additional helping hand here, serum is the place to turn.

What is hair serum? Well, this is a great all-round hair care product that nourishes the hair but it can also be used for styling too.  

Again, here at Jan de Vries we always advocate a natural approach to hair care – it’s better for the environment around us and it’s better for the health of your hair as well. That’s why we’re happy to recommend Green People’s Hair Serum with Quinoa and Avocado which is 100% natural.

This product nourishes the hair to leave it looking soft and shiny however, it also holds the hair in place without weighing it down. This makes it ideal if your hair needs a helping hand to achieve a straight style.

For more information on hair serum, have a look at our blog on how to use it.

Go retro – use rollers

This is something many of us won’t have seen in a while but if you want to style you hair without causing damage, rollers are an excellent option.

If you want to try this out for yourself I’d recommend you purchase a set of jumbo rollers as opposed to the small variety which might leave you with more of a perm. Split your hair into 6 sections and then wrap each individual section around a roller till it reaches your roots. Next, secure the roller to your head using a large clip and then leave for as long as possible – preferably overnight. After you have taken the rollers out you could apply some hairspray to keep the style in place.

Wrap damp hair around the head

Once your hair has dried naturally for a while, you can shape the style by pinning it to your head. First of all, split the hair into two sections, take the right and then comb it over the left section. Next, secure the style with hair pins and then do the same with the left section of hair.

To give the hair time to dry completely you could sleep on this style overnight, using a silk pillowcase to keep frizz to a minimum.

Be experimental!

Finally, if you want to avoid heat there really is no better option than to go natural so why not let your curls hang loose or wrap your hair into classy French braids? There are so many options when it comes to styling your hair and many of these don’t even involve heat. So, be experimental and see if you can discover new styles that don’t require straighteners!