What shampoos help with hair growth?

Sep 15 2020Joanna

What shampoos help with hair growth?

Shampoo is an essential part of most hair care regimes, helping to keep the hair clean whilst also providing it with lots of nutrients. However, are there any shampoos that can help with hair growth as well? I look at this topic in today’s blog!

Keep the hair healthy!

First of all, hair is more likely to grow when it is healthy and undamaged. You can achieve this through a healthy diet, regular haircuts and by avoiding the likes of straighteners and hair dryers. However, the shampoo you use also plays an important part in keeping the hair healthy.

Here at Jan de Vries we are massive fans of John Masters who have created a unique Honey and Hibiscus Organic Hair Reconstructor. As well as honey and hibiscus, this contains soy protein, wheat amino acids, jojoba oil (as well as many other natural ingredients!) which help to strengthen damaged hair and boost the appearance of it.

This product is so beneficial for the health of our hair that it is first in our list of shampoos to help with hair growth!

Provide the hair with nutrients

The heat of curlers and dryers can damage hair but so too can dyes and highlights. When used continuously these things leave the hair feeling dry and thin, plus it will be more prone to breakage too. This, unsurprisingly, isn’t particularly helpful if you are trying to grow your hair!

However, you can combat these problems with Green People’s Intensive Repair Shampoo. This contains a whole host of natural ingredients including rose oil and green tea extracts, as well as B vitamins which strengthen and repair damaged, weak hair. These are incredibly soothing and non-irritating, plus they add a natural shine to the hair too!

Strengthen the hair

Is your hair fine, limp or lacking volume?  As I’ve mentioned throughout this blog, strong, healthy hair will grow at a much better pace than strands that are damaged. So, another great product to turn to here is Sukin’s Protein Shampoo which contains 100% natural and vegan ingredients. This includes rice and wheat proteins for strength and volume, as well as jojoba oil, avocado oil, kiwi and nettle for nourishment. 

Don’t forget a good conditioner too

Although shampoo is important in achieving healthy hair growth, it’s not the only product you should turn to. After all, good hair care would certainly not be complete without an excellent conditioner!

Here you could turn to John Masters’ Organic Lavender Conditioner as this contains twelve incredible organic ingredients including avocado oil and soy protein which strengthen and thicken hair. They are also important for hydrating and replenishing dry, damaged hair so it will help to keep hair healthy!