What’s the best conditioner for tangled hair?

Sep 15 2020Ayesha

What’s the best conditioner for tangled hair?

Whether it’s because you’ve been out in the wind for a little too long or have had a night tossing and turning in bed, tangles can easily become a nuisance. However, instead of painfully dragging your brush through those locks (and possibly damaging them in the process!) there are other, kinder steps you can take to detangle your hair. As I discuss in this blog, a good conditioner is important but so too are a number of other things. Read on to find out what these are!

Simple tips to detangle hair

Tangles are a daily challenge, especially if you happen to have long, curly or wavy hair, and so it’s essential to stay on top of the problem. After all, I’m sure you are keen to avoid a do that resembles that bird’s nest in your back garden…

  • Get regular hair cuts

Hairdressers recommend you get a cut every three months or so to help keep the hair healthy. However, by getting rid of those split ends, a chop also helps to prevent tangles - win-win!

  • Protect your hair at night

As we spend 6-12 hours in bed at night (yes, there are people who are lucky enough to get 12 hours of sleep a night), our hair goes through rather a lot... Whilst in the land of nod we toss and turn causing our hair to rub against the pillow – that’s why we get that all too familiar bed head in the morning! Therefore, to protect your hair from tangles at night I’d recommend you pop your hair into some loose plaits.

  • Try a  detangler

What better way is there to tackle tangles than with a detangler? My favourite product here is John Masters’ Organic Citrus Detangler which contains a variety of natural ingredients that together nourish, hydrate, strengthen and, of course, detangle the hair!

  • Avoid the heat!

Ok, so don’t turn down that proposed trip to Lanzarote for the sake of your hair however, do try to avoid the likes of straighteners and curlers where possible. These can damage the hair which makes it more prone to tangling. Why not try out some more natural hair styles and see if your hair feels more manageable?

The best conditioners for tangled hair

Conditioner is an essential part of most hair care regimes but it’s also a great way deal with tangles! However, this market is bursting with products so you may be wondering where on earth to start.

With a mix of all natural ingredients including nettle, neem and jojoba, this conditioner is great for keeping those tangles at bay! These gentle ingredients hydrate and nourish the hair, whilst also leaving it soft, shiny and strong. So, if you want to adopt a more natural approach to managing your hair this is definitely the way to go!

For those of you with coloured hair, this unique conditioner from John Masters is perfect. It has a whopping 12 all-natural and organic ingredients including avocado oil and soy protein which help to hydrate and replenish dry or damaged hair, two problems that often contribute to tangles. That’s not all though, it also strengthens and thickens hair and, as healthy hair is less prone to tangling, this helps make hair more manageable! Also, with its delicious lavender scent and its ability to deliver a natural shine, there are really so many positives surrounding this conditioner.

When it comes to normal, thick or frizzy hair types, this particular conditioner from Green People is most suitable. Here the stand-out ingredients include neroli, marshmallow and orange which give the product a sweet aroma. However, these natural ingredients also encourage soft, shiny and manageable hair. What more could you ask for when addressing those frustrating tangles?

Finally, as well as using traditional conditioners to keep your hair in order, a leave-in one may also prove useful. My personal favourite here is a product by Giovanni which not only promotes smooth, soft hair, but also helps to protect your hair from the damage of heat. Plus, you can apply this to damp hair in the morning and it will protect your hair throughout the day!