Why is my hair so tangled after washing?

Sep 15 2020Jenny

Why is my hair so tangled after washing?

You might think that a nice, relaxing shower is the best way to get rid of any tangles that have accumulated overnight or throughout the course of the day however, sometimes a shower actually encourages tangles (I know, it’s not fair!). In this blog I have a look at why this is the case, plus I give you some tips on how to wash your hair without encouraging tangles.

So, why does hair get tangled after it’s been washed?

Before I get onto discussing how to prevent tangles after washing your hair, let me just explain why your hair may be getting tangled in the first place

Hair type

It probably comes as no surprise that tight, natural curls and long hair are more likely to tangle when they are washed however, did you know that fine hair is also prone to tangling?

When an individual has fine hair, each strand is much smaller than normal which means there are more of them. With more hair about, the chances are they’ll tangle more easily!

Not washing your hair correctly

We wash our hair so often that we can sometimes get a little lazy when it comes to the products we choose and the care we take. However, both of these things can help ease tangles so it’s worth paying them a little more attention.

Drying hair with towel

We often give our hair a quick rub with the towel after showering but guess what? This will definitely encourage tangles – the same goes for wrapping your hair in a towel too.

Not using conditioner

We don’t need to use conditioner every time we shower but that doesn’t mean we should not use it at all. Conditioner not only improves the overall health of the hair, but it also encourages softer, smoother strands as well.

Tips to avoid tangles when washing your hair

Here at Jan de Vries we have written a series of blogs on how to prevent your hair from getting tangled however, here are some additional tips to help avoid tangles when washing your hair.

Brush your hair before showering

Before you even step in the shower it’s important to give your hair a brush in order to get rid of any tangles that are already there. For anyone with hair longer than chin length a wide paddle brush is ideal however, if you hair is shorter a wide-toothed comb may be more suitable.

Shampoo hair twice

Once in the shower apply your shampoo as you normally would and then repeat. Not only will this make your hair super clean, it will also improve the appearance of it too!

Now as there are so many products on the market you may be wondering if there is a particular shampoo you should be using for the purpose of detangling hair. I would always advise opting for a natural product here as these are more likely to provide your hair with the nutrients it needs to stay healthy.

John Masters lead the way here with their Hibiscus Shampoo which is made from natural ingredients including honey and soy protein. These work to strengthen and restore the hair and in doing so they help to tackle tangle-prone hair!

Apply conditioner

When applying conditioner, start at the tips of your hair and slowly rub the product in until your roots are covered too. After this, use a comb to ensure the conditioner has been evenly distributed through your hair.

To give your hair time to soak up the nutrients in your conditioner it can also be helpful to leave it in for a few minutes. Why not take your time to apply some Dr Hauschka Vitalising Body Wash whilst your hair soaks in the conditioner?

Afterwards rinse your hair for twice the amount of time you normally would. This will ensure that no remnants of either shampoo or conditioner are left lingering in your hair!

If you are looking for a natural conditioner that will leave your hair silky, soft and easy to manage you can rely on Green People. Their neutral scent free conditioner contains aloe vera, green tea and B vitamins which are incredibly nourishing and will also keep those tangles away!

Try a detangler

Finally, to stop tangles from forming whilst you shower it’s worth investing in a good quality detangler. Here John Masters lead the way once again with their rosemary detangler. This is made from organic ingredients including peppermint oil, aloe vera and jojoba which together get rid of tangles and leave hair feeling soft and shiny instead!