My top travel picks for your skin

Sep 15 2020Joanna

My top travel picks for your skin

Summer is finally here and most of you are probably trying to get prepped for your holidays, attempting to squeeze your baggage allowance to its limits! Whether your trip takes you far away or you’re soaking up the sun closer to home, one thing should be top of mind – looking after your skin! Not only is your skin more vulnerable to UV radiation, there are a whole host of other factors that can take a toll causing your skin to appear lacklustre and tired. That’s why today I’m here to give you my top travel picks that you should be taking away with you to refresh and revitalise your skin!

My top pick for sun cream…

Aloe vera Aloe Pura Sun Lotion SPF 50 - £19.99

 You might see suncream as a temporary discomfort but the larger and long-term damage it can do to your skin can be quite shocking – UV radiation is one of the biggest causes of premature ageing, not to mention skin cancer!

However, what suncream you pick matters too – some of the harsh chemicals present in conventional suncreams can easily irritate and upset sensitive skin which is why I always recommend a more natural brand like Aloe Pura to my customers. This suncream is formulated using 100% organic aloe vera and contains extracts of comforting chamomile and avocado oil so you know it’s going to be extremely soothing. Also, the SPF 50 should go a long way towards protecting your skin from UV radiation – provided you reapply it regularly of course!

Don’t take my word for it though – here’s what one of our customers had to say about it – “Very impressed with this lotion. Lovely and rich, spreads easily and no unpleasant odour. It gave excellent protection.”

My top pick for after sun…

Dr Hauschka After Sun - £15.50

If you do get caught in the sun or find yourself developing prickly heat, I’d definitely make sure you invest in a good after sun lotion to take away the inflammation and encourage healing.

My personal after sun lotion of choice would have to be Dr Hauschka’s After Sun Lotion. When it comes to skincare, Dr Hauschka treat their product almost like medicines and indeed, they often contain healing herbs and plant extracts to soothe and renew. This company also go a step further when it comes to the quality of the products as all of their ingredients are 100% biodynamic!

Infused with nourishing ingredients such as rosehip oil, quince and almond oil, this after sun cream helps to hydrate and soothe red, inflamed skin, promoting repair and renewal. It’s also quick to absorb so you won’t experience any greasy residues!

My favourite deodorant….

Salt of the Earth Deodorant Travel Spray - £2.99

If you’re going somewhere hot, the first thing on your mind is probably deodorant or anti-perspirant – after all, nobody wants to spend their holiday soaked in sweat! However, as with sun cream, many deodorants can be quite unhealthy for not only your skin, but your health too! This is because the chemicals contained in many deodorants and anti-perspirants not only upset your skin, they also work by blocking your sweat glands.

Now this might sound like a good thing – less sweat is best right? Well no, not really, especially if you’re in a hotter climate. Sweating is your body’s way of cooling down and, if you’re not sweating, it can disrupt this mechanism. Not to mention, many anti-perspirants that claim ’48 hour protection’ often don’t live up to this promise as, according to the FDA, they only need to reduce your sweat production by 20%![1]

That’s why I’m here to put forwards a more natural option – Salt of the Earth Travel Spray. This travel spray can easily fit into your hand luggage and it doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients. Instead, it utilises salt crystals to eliminate the odour-causing bacteria without stopping your sweating mechanism. Ideal if you want to smell good but don’t want to compromise on your skincare!

My favourite make up remover wipes…

Pacifica Cactus Water Make Up Wipes – £5.99

If you’re on holiday the chances are you’re going to be busy, whether it’s exploring new sights, visiting attractions or hitting the beach. If this is the case you probably want a quick and easy way to remover your make-up when you get in at night, which is where Pacifica’s Make Up Wipes come into the picture. Prepared using a blend of cactus water, aloe vera and jojoba water, these wipes gently remove make-up, toxins and pollutants without upsetting or irritating your skin. Best of all, they’re simple, quick and effective!

My favourite facial serum…

Sukin Supergreens Nourishing Chia Seed Oil+ - £14.95

Regardless of whether or not you use suncream, your skin can still become vulnerable to dryness and dehydration and when you think about it, UV radiation isn’t just to blame. If you’re travelling on a plane or spending time indoors, the chances are you’ll be exposed to dry, cold air that can easily upset your skin, especially if you suffer from a skin condition such as eczema.

That’s why sometimes moisturising just isn’t enough – sometimes you need a more concentrated form of nutrients and that’s where face serums come into the picture. Sukin’s Supegreens Chia Seed Oil is packed with omega fatty acids to help your skin retain more moisture while antioxidants ingredients such as kale and spirulina work to combat free-radical damage, ensuring your skin remains young and healthy looking!

My favourite lip balm…

Green People Soft Lips Scent Free SPF8 Balm - £5.50

When it comes to skincare, your lips often get overlooked which is a real shame in my opinion. The skin on your lips is actually thinner than anywhere else on your body so it’s extremely vulnerable to dryness – I’m sure you’re all familiar with what it feels like to have peeling, chapped lips!

That’s why I favour Green People’s Soft Lips Scent Free SPF8 Balm. Not only does it contain organic extracts of coconut wax, it even offers a mild SPF factor to help protect your lips from sun damage!  It’s also completely free from nasty chemicals, parabens and artificial perfumes so it’s suitable for a wide range of skin types.

My favourite make-up…

PHB Beauty – Mid range

Make-up is probably ones of your essentials when packing for a holiday but knowing which make-up to bring with you is key. If you opt for a brand that’s full of parabens and petrochemicals, then your-already-vulnerable- skin is definitely going to suffer in a hotter climate. That’s why I’d advise going for a natural brand such as PHB Beauty, who offer affordable make up that’s completely vegan and handmade.

Some personal highlights would have to be their Organic Liquid Foundation, a lightweight formula that’s excellent for oily or spot-prone skin. It contains a plethora of soothing ingredients, such as coconut oil, sea buckthorn and jojoba and, best of all, it offers an SPF15 factor so it not only enhances your complexion but also your resistance to UV radiation!

 My favourite bronzing lotion….

Dr Hauschka Translucent Bronzing Tint - £28.50

If you’re looking to add a touch of colour to your complexion but don’t fancy the idea of a sunbed, you could try Dr Hauschka’s Translucent Bronzing Tint. Suitable for your face and the rest of your body, it leaves a natural, healthy glow that compliments your complexion without seeming unnatural. Also, unlike most tanning creams, it allows your skin to breathe and supplies rich ingredients such as toning witch hazel and nourishing olive oil. If you don’t fancy going too bronze and just want a gentle glow, you could even mix this tint with your foundation for a touch of sunshine.

My favourite insect repellent…

A.Vogel Neem Insect Repellent Spray - £5.89

You have sun, you have sea, the only thing that may put a dampener on your holiday are the insects! It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to fend off pesky midges at home or annoying mosquitos abroad, A.Vogel’s Neem Insect Repellent is ideal.

Unlike most insect repellents, which contain a toxic ingredient known as DEET, this natural repellent contains an extract of neem called ‘margosa’ which can deter insects without harming your skin. You may even want to use this spray to coat your clothes if you’re venturing into a more tropical environment or need a little extra protection!