Biotta Beetroot Juice.

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  • Sue Leipnik

    Biotta Beetroot Juice

    The Biotta Beetroot Juice is great value for money, is a lovely drink and it is very difficult to resist drinking more!

    May 26 2021 5
Product Description

This vibrant purple juice has sparked some interest in recent years – both in terms of its high nitrate and potassium content which are important for helping to maintain blood pressure, and for its potential to improve athletic performance. Biotta pack 641g of freshly harvested, 100% organic beetroots into each and every bottle of this intense, earthy juice.

Biotta Beetroot Juice is simply 100% organic beetroot juice, with no added extras. All of the vitamins and minerals it contains come from nature!

The Biotta juices are lacto-fermented which supports the production of naturally occurring, gut-friendly L+ lactic acid.