Bio-Fish Oil Omega 3.

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  • Strength:
  • 1000mg
  • Type:
  • Capsules

What our customers say

  • Hilary Melville


    I take this fish oil all year round to keep my joints from aching. I also like this brand as theres no after taste and easy to swallow

    Jun 13 2020 5
Product Description
  • Rich in omega 3 fatty acids
  • Contributes to a healthy heart, eyes and brain
  • Subtle lemon flavour – no fishy aftertaste
  • Screened for toxins
Fish-Oil is essential for good health, but eating fresh fish can expose you to environmental pollutants. Bio-Fish Oil 1000mg is throughly screened for heavy metals and pesticides so that it always complies with our strict requirements regarding quality and purity. After we have tested and purified the fish oil, we pour it back into its natural 'wrapping' - gelatine made from fresh fish. This product is as natural as it gets.

Quality, quality, quality - We can't emphasise it enough.

  • Sourced from oily fish in the North Atlantic and Southeast Pacific - NOT from the North Sea where most pollution is found
  • Rich source of omega-3 (DHA and EPA fatty acids)
  • Completely fish derived and 100% natural (Capsules are fish gelatine)
  • Manufactured to Pharmaceutical Standards
Pure filtered oil extracted from the flesh of the fish - NOT the liver. Toxin Free - Screened for toxins, PCB's, lead, mercury and other pollutants.