Salcura Bioskin Omega Rich Face Wash

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Product Description
  • Bioskin Face Wash is a natural wash to gently cleanse all impurities from dry, itchy and sensitive skin
  • A ‘nasties-free’ nutrient rich formulation will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth
  • Containing gorgeous natural oils and extracts like Argan, Witch Hazel and Green Tea
  • The Omega Rich Face Wash will make your skin feel deeply nourished and hydrated
  • Dermatologically tested
When suffering from dry, itchy and sensitive skin cleansing the face can be an unpleasant experience, especially when living in an area where the water is hard. Water can further dehydrate the skin so it is important to use a gentle Face Wash containing ingredients that help keep the skin stay nourished and moisturised whilst cleansing.

Gently cleanses the dry and sensitive skin, leaving the skin feeling clean and refreshed. Contains 11 different natural oils and extracts, such as Starflower, Witch Hazel & Argan to provide the skin with all the vitamins and minerals it needs.

Bioskin Face Wash is the perfect addition to your other Bioskin favourites. When suffering from dry, itchy & sensitive skin your skin needs more than what a regular Face Wash might be able to offer. It needs less potentially skin irritating chemicals like SLS/SLES, paraffin, parabens or synthetic fragrances (parfum). Instead, you need a nutrient-rich, gentle Face Wash that will cleanse your face whilst hydrating and moisturising your skin.

Be aware our Face Wash will not lather as much as you might be used to. We use natural foaming agents which will create a lovely gentle foam when using.

This product has been Dermatologically tested with the status 'Excellent'.