​5 reasons for unexplained fatigue

Oct 19, 2020

If you are suffering from fatigue, work your way through our 5-point checklist. You may discover one or more pointers that could make all the difference to your health and boost your natural energy levels again.

1. Could you be anaemic?

Heavy periods, even regular, monthly periods, can cause low iron levels, especially if you are not getting enough iron from your diet. A low level of circulating red blood cells can cause profound fatigue because adequate oxygen will not reach the tissues of the body. There can be many causes for anaemia so it’s worth getting a blood test but you can easily top up your iron levels by eating iron-rich foods. Good food sources of iron include lean red meat, liver and shellfish. In general, vegetarian iron is not as easy to absorb but is available in beans, bran flakes, Tofu, figs, kale and lentils. If you feel you can’t get your iron levels up through diet alone, an iron supplement can help.

BetterYou Daily Iron Oral Spray is delivered straight into the bloodstream and is suitable for vegetarians and vegans alike.

2. One coffee too many?

Many of us will reach for a mug of coffee to help fight fatigue because we all know that coffee can boost alertness. What’s not so well-known is that the positive effects of coffee are seen in moderate intake levels. These effects tend to diminish the more we drink. In fact, with higher levels of intake, coffee can cause agitation, a raised heart rate and blood pressure and, ironically, fatigue! As counter-intuitive as it may sound, dropping your coffee intake can actually boost energy.

3. The hormone connection

Sitting in the front of our neck is a special gland that is at the heart of regulating our metabolic rate. Known as the thyroid gland, it produces the hormone thyroxin, which keeps our metabolic rate on track. If the thyroid gland starts to fail, the hormone level drops and our overall metabolic rate slows and we can experience severe fatigue. A simple blood test will confirm whether you have a thyroid problem.

Mood Essence

4. Check your waterworks

Bladder infections can cause fatigue especially if the infection is not at an acute level but grumbling away as a chronic infection. Testing a sample of urine is easy and can help detect these infections. While antibiotics may be needed by some, using a slow release cranberry supplement can help keep the bladder clear.

5. Feeling low?

Low mood affects the body on a mental level and a physical level. Those suffering from low mood will commonly complain of fatigue as a key feature of the problem. For feelings of low mood and mild anxiety there’s St. John’s Wort or Hypericum. A.Vogel’s Hyperiforce is made from freshly harvested St. John’s Wort, and can be used to treat mild anxiety and slightly low mood. If you cannot take St John’s Wort you could try Jan de Vries Mood Essence, a combination of flower essences that may give support when it is difficult to stay positive. Taken regularly it aims to uplift and bring back an optimistic and enthusiastic outlook.