Do you use sea salt on wet or dry hair?

Sep 09 2020Jenny

Do you use sea salt on wet or dry hair?

Sea salt is an unexpected hair care product but it’s one that has definitely seen a boom in popularity in recent years. Hailed as a simple but effective way to curb frizz and add more texture to your hair, more and more of you are using this spray to get effortless beach waves but opinions are divided over how exactly this product should be used. Is it suitable for dry hair? Is it just to be used on wet hair? Today I tackle this tricky topic and give my tips for making the most out of your sea salt spray. 

What does sea salt do to hair?

Sea salt is definitely on trend at the moment when it comes to styling products but, if you’ve just heard about this product, it can be difficult to get your head around what to use it for. Well, wonder no more as sea salt sprays are traditionally used to add texture to your hair. It can help to enhance your hair’s natural volume and even tame unruly patches of frizz!

However, that’s not to say sea salt is a good idea for everyone. As my colleague Ayesha from HQ discusses in her blog, ‘Is sea salt bad for your hair?’ there are some drawbacks to using sea salt spray. The biggest is that while these types of sprays can help you to manage frizz, they can also be very drying for your hair, stripping away essential oils and moisturisers.

That’s why, if you are considering using sea salt spray, it’s important to be aware of its compatibility with your hair type. However, you can also counteract these  side-effects by using an intensely nourishing, leave-in conditioner. I’d recommend Giovanni’s Ultra Sleek Leave-In Conditioner and Styling Elixir, which contains extracts of soothing argan oil to help condition and calm your hair, taming frizz and fighting split ends.

Can you use sea salt spray on wet hair?

If you’re planning on using sea salt spray right after stepping out of the shower, I’ve got bad news for you. Ideally, this spray does better on damp hair, rather than soaking wet hair. On lightly towel dried hair (lightly being the key word as towel drying can create frizz!) you can apply some sea salt spray, focusing on the lower half of your hair rather than your roots.

This is because, if you have fine hair, applying sea salt spray to the upper portion of your head and roots can weigh your hair down too much, potentially ruining those flawless waves that you’re trying to achieve.  Remember, a little sea salt goes a long way so make sure you don’t use too much!

Once you’ve applied the spray, you can dry your hair as normal, whether that’s leaving your hair to air dry or blow drying it. If you are going to blow dry your hair though, I would recommend using a colder setting as this can help to minimise the damage usually associated with using thermal heat, particularly if you already have dry or damaged hair.

How do you use sea salt spray on dry hair?

Okay, so damp hair is clearly preferred over wet hair but, can you use sea salt spray on dry hair? Absolutely! In fact, sea salt spray can sometimes work better if you use it before you’ve washed your hair. Make sure you’re applying the spray as the last step of your hair care routine and simply spritz and scrunch for a textured, messy look.  Just take care you’re not being too generous with the sea salt spray – remember, too much can overwhelm your hair and lead to problems! 

What is the best sea salt spray

When it comes to sea salt sprays, I always try to opt for ones that include other nourishing ingredients. Sea salt spray can be quite dehydrating for your hair but, if your spray incorporates  soothing oil, it can help to counteract this effect. That’s why John Masters’ Sea Mist Organic Sea Salt Spray with Lavender is one of my favourite products. 

The spray only utilises three ingredients –sea salt, water and lavender. There’s no abrasive alcohol, a common component in high street sea salt sprays, and the inclusion of lavender lends it some calming properties that might help to condition your hair, providing you with softer, glossier locks. All you have to do is spray on to hair and leave in. Quick, simple and fuss free!