​Feeling stressed? Passiflora just got punchy… (… and your stress doesn’t stand a chance)

Apr 02, 2021

The effects of the pandemic on mental health are likely to be far-reaching. A recent report by the Office of National Statistics [1] has shown that feeling stressed and anxious, being worried about the future, feeling like a burden to others, boredom, loneliness and isolation, and not having someone to talk to, are factors driving a rise in mental health problems across all age groups. Stress affects our bodies in so many ways and if left untreated, can impact our mood, emotions and physical wellbeing.

Herbal support for anxiety

To help provide support during times of anxiety and stress, A.Vogel have introduced two new Passiflora remedies .

Passiflora incarnata , also known as passion flower, has a history of use in foods, jam, for example, and in infusions of tea. As a food supplement it may be particularly useful for those prone to worry or feelings of being under pressure.

NEW Passiflora Complex Spray

A.Vogel’s new Passiflora Complex Spray provides Passiflora in a convenient spray format. It can be used by adults and young people over the age of 12 and contains extract of fresh Passiflora herb, Lemon Balm and zinc, for on-the-go support. It fits easily in your pocket or handbag and is also perfect for older kids and teenagers returning to school.

Simply spray the appropriate dose into your mouth. For adults this is 3 sprays up to 4 times a day, and for those aged between 12 to 18, 2 sprays up to 4 times a day.

Did we mention the taste? With a flavour of vanilla and aniseed you’ll love that too.

New for spring, this new Passiflora in a spray costs £10.99 for 20ml and is selling fast.

NEW Passiflora Complex Tablets

Also new are A.Vogel’s Passiflora Complex Tablets for nervous system support. With Passiflora, Valerian, Lemon Balm, magnesium and zinc, they are suitable for those aged 18+, and can be used when a period of stress is anticipated or encountered. Take 1 tablet twice daily, morning and evening, with water.

A.Vogel’s Passiflora Complex tablets cost £10.99 for 30 tablets.

Passiflora Complex Drops

Passiflora Complex Drops is a herbal tincture containing Passiflora incarnata and Avena sativa, or oat plant. Passiflora and oats have been used in combination for years. As a food supplement Passiflora Complex Drops may be particularly useful for those prone to worrying or feeling under pressure, and can be used to help maintain a healthy response to stress.

Simply dilute 20 drops twice daily, in a little water. Children aged 2 to 12 years can take 1 drop per year of age twice daily, in a little water or juice.

Passiflora Complex Drops cost £10.50 for 50ml.

For further information and suggestions on how to manage stress, read our article on Living with Anxiety