How to get the perfect smile

Sep 10 2020Jenny

How to get the perfect smile

From toothpaste, to teeth whitening, to lip balms – our mouth care is important to us, and yet, through our diets and harmful dental care products, we often do more harm than good. We all dream of having a pearly white, dazzling movie-star smile, so today I’m looking at why you should start a natural mouth care routine and the best natural products to get you started.

Why you should switch to natural toothpaste

In our on-going endeavour to reach those pearly whites we can end up causing our teeth more harm than good. Some toothpastes contain lots of harmful chemicals that not only get absorbed directly into the bloodstream from the mouth, but also scrape away at our enamel which is there to help protect our teeth. Worn tooth enamel is one of the major causes of sensitive teeth, so it’s important to look after it!

Some of the harmful ingredients regular toothpastes can contain include:

  • Fluoride (which is toxic in high doses)
  • Sodium lauryl sulfate (also known as SLS) which is responsible for the foaming action of most toothpastes, however they can interfere with the taste buds.
  • Artificial sweeteners
  • Microbeads

Now some of you may be worrying that a natural toothpaste won’t clean your teeth as well as unnatural toothpastes, but let me tell you why this may not be the case. Clean teeth mostly comes down to the physical act of brushing, not the toothpaste itself which is actually for eliminating bacteria; mouth bacteria are what cause the decay of teeth and diseases like gingivitis. What we really want from our toothpaste is the prevention of these nasty bacteria, and while regular toothpastes are extremely accessible and affordable they may not be the best option.

Switching to a natural toothpaste has many benefits for your dental health. Our favourite is A. Vogel’s Echinacea Toothpaste! Containing Echinacea extracts and an essential oil to form an all-natural base, free from harmful chemicals and non-abrasive, we think that A. Vogel’s toothpaste is the perfect natural alternative!

Swish, swish, swirl, and spit with a natural mouthwash

Using a natural mouthwash alongside regular brushing and flossing is a great way to reduce bacteria and maintain good overall oral health. The problem is many mouthwashes often contain high amounts of alcohol and chemicals, and while a high amount of alcohol can be good for eradicating bacteria, it can leave gums irritated and inflamed.

The good news is that natural mouthwashes are naturally antibacterial meaning that they don’t need high contents of alcohol in order to be effective. Which natural mouthwash should you try? We love A. Vogel’s Dentaforce Mouthwash, and we’re sure you will too! This natural mouthwash is 100% natural, suitable for vegans, and free from sulfate, fluoride, and artificial colourings and preservatives.

Goodbye peroxide, hello natural teeth whiteners!

It’s natural through our diet and age that our teeth gradually become a little bit discoloured, however this has led to an increase in demand for teeth-whitening products which are not so good for our teeth. The peroxide used in teeth whitening has to be able to penetrate the tooth structure but, unfortunately, these procedures often result in bleaching sensitivity and pain in the treated teeth. While getting your teeth whitened at a professional dentist is probably less harmful, the increased rise of chemically pumped teeth-whitening products has made teeth whitening the new trend – and an unhealthy trend at that!

If you’re looking to have a brighter, whiter smile naturally look no further than My White Secret Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Sachets. Cruelty free, vegan and free from peroxide, these whitening sachets are perfect for sensitive teeth. Contrary to many whitening strips, My White Secret Activated Charcoal Sachets use a traditional oil pulling method that involves swirling coconut oil around the mouth to clean and whiten teeth. These clever sachets contain activated charcoal combined with coconut oil to whiten teeth, cleanse the mouth, remove plaque and prevent bad breath – absolutely no peroxide or nasty chemicals in sight, that’s a winner in our book!

Naturally luscious lips

Mouth care doesn’t just stop at the teeth, it includes the lips too! It’s important to care for our lips year round; they can easily become dry, cracked, or chapped from the environment and from dehydration. Many conventional lip balms contain ingredients that leave your lips feeling nourished at first but then quickly dry out leaving your lips drier than before. One way to avoid this is (of course) to swap for a natural lip balm.

If you’re looking for all the hydration and protection of a lip balm as well as a splash of colour then look no further than  Pacifica’s Colour Quench Natural Lip Tint range! Deeply moisturising and made from natural avocado and coconut oils to nourish and revive lips, we think this is the perfect lip balm to prevent dry lips!