​Staycation SOS

Jun 08 2021

​Staycation SOS

Let’s face it, we don’t have to travel half way around the world to catch too much sun, fall victim to biting insects or succumb to a dodgy tum. If you’re looking forward to a staycation in the UK you’ll still want to put in some pre-holiday prep.

Support your immune system before you travel

Bolster your defences. A strong immune system is important at all times but especially so when we travel. Echinacea purpurea is one of the best immune-supporting herbs there is, so make sure this makes it into your suitcase. A.Vogel Echinacea Lozenges are particularly travel-friendly but you should ideally start to prime your immune system two to four weeks before you travel.

Keep stress in check

Breathe. By taking fewer but deeper breaths you will optimise your oxygen intake, helping you to relax and remain calm. Brilliant for when your family makes helpful suggestions.

Keep an eye on your diet. When feeling stressed, it’s all too easy to grab a quick snack on the go when really our body is crying out for the nutrients it needs to help it cope with extra pressure. Wholegrain carbohydrates (brown bread, brown pasta) will give long-term energy without causing sugar highs and lows, and cravings.

Magnesium can also help with stress (think pumpkin seeds, Brazil nuts and spinach) or for a little herbal assistance try Passiflora. Passiflora tablets and drops can be used when a period of stress is anticipated or encountered. A handy spray is also available – perfect for when that car journey becomes unbearable. You know the one.

Jan de Vries Emergency Essence can also help with the journey. It can help to restore balance and is particularly popular with reluctant travellers.

Support your tummy on your travels

Support your digestive health with a good probiotic supplement before and when you travel. Probiotics are vital for good digestive health. They introduce friendly bacteria into your gut, which help support your digestive system by controlling your unfriendly bacteria and yeast populations. Try Optibac’s Probiotics For Every Day .

For nausea associated with travel, try ginger. Motion sickness is caused by a conflict between what your eyes and other senses tell your brain. Your eyes adjust to motion but the inner ear, which contains fluid-filled canals that control balance, does not. The resulting signals to the brain from the eye and the inner ear do not tally and the brain becomes confused, which can leave you with a horrible feeling of nausea, dizziness and an upset stomach.

Fresh ginger tea before and during travel may help with feelings of nausea and sickness.

Keep biting insects at bay

If mosquitoes and biting insects are a problem, a good insect repellent on exposed skin should help. You may not be travelling to any far flung corners of the world this year, but mosquitoes and midges can still be a nuisance in slightly cooler climes, especially if you’re looking forward to a camping or walking holiday. Neem seed extract is a popular alternative to DEET-containing sprays. Try A.Vogel’s Herbal Insect Repellent Spray . The scent of neem masks your individual scent, making you less easy to find.

Stay safe in the sun

Have fun in the sun but do so safely. Always wear a good SPF, avoid sitting in the sun when it’s at its strongest. If you do get caught short, Aloe vera applied topically can help to soothe dry, reddened or sun-damaged skin.

Happy travels!