What your face says about your digestive health!

Sep 15 2020Louise

What your face says about your digestive health!

Did you know that spots or problem areas on different parts of your face could indicate that something isn’t quite right with your digestive system or other parts of the body which are closely linked?

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has used a concept called ‘face mapping’ to help determine what your skin could be trying to tell you. So, I’m here to explore this in a little more detail and tease out what your face could be saying about your digestive health!

1 – Facial Zone: Chin & Jaw line

Potential problem area: Liver & bowel

What could be going on? Angry looking spots around your chin and jaw line can suggest that your bowel and / or liver are under pressure. These are key areas of your digestive system so, if your gut is more sluggish than normal, you risk having toxins redirected back to the liver and it can easily become overworked. This can of course be made worse by bad diet and lifestyle habits such as too many fried, fatty foods or alcohol.

Foody picks:

Sauerkraut – Sauerkraut is fermented cabbage that is packed full of probiotic-goodness. Opt for a brand such as Biona ensuring that the product is raw, organic and most importantly super tasty!

Prune Juice – Nothing gets the bowel moving like some good old prune juice. If this is a step too far, upping your intake of fruit and vegetables (ensuring they are cooked) is a good place to start.

Useful supplements:

Motion Potion - Motion Potion acts as a gentle laxative to help gut your gut moving, reduce bloating and take the pressure off of your liver

A.Vogel Molkosan – Rich in L+ lactic acid, Molkosan acts as a prebiotic and is perfect for supporting the internal environment of the gut.

2 - Facial Zone: Forehead

Potential problem area: Nervous system

What could be going on?  If your forehead has a constant scatter of white heads or problem zits then it could be a sign that you’ve been stressed recently. In the lead up to exam time, before a big event or if your workload is proving too much, then the state of a your forehead could be a good indicator that you need to slow things down and take some time to unwind and relax. Your bowel and nervous system are closely linked so you could notice disruption in more ways than one!

Foody picks:

Oats – rich in calming B vitamins to help nourish your nervous system

Chamomile tea – chamomile tea is one of the most famous remedies for its calming properties. Sip on a cuppa of this during some down-time before bed to help settle your stomach and feel more relaxed.

Useful supplements:

B complex – by taking a good B complex you’ll ensure you get a good dose of the essential B vitamins which will help to keep your levels topped up – these can easily become depleted in times of stress

A.Vogel AvenaCalm – made from the green part of the oat plant, Avena sativa is a traditional herbal remedy which has been used to help calm stress symptoms.

3 - Facial Zone: Under the eyes

Potential problem area: Kidneys

What could be going on? Puffy, dark circles under your eyes could suggest that your kidneys aren’t in tip top condition. Insufficient water intake, increased alcohol consumption or a lack of sleep are common causes that could all be taking their toll. Alongside your liver, your kidneys are one of the main detoxification organs – so we need to look after them!

Foody picks:

Adzuki beans – adzuki beans have traditionally been used as food for the kidneys in Asian cultures. They are super nutritious and are also rich in fibre which is important for the excretion of waste in the body.

Golden Rod Tea – the perfect tonic for your kidneys, a cup or two of Golden Rod Tea will help flush out your kidneys.

Useful supplements:

A.Vogel Dormeasan - if you struggle to get enough shut eye then Dormeasan containing a helpful combination of Valerian and Hops can help you to nod off

A.Vogel Balance Mineral Drink – containing a helpful balance of the key electrolytes in the right levels, Balance Mineral Drink helps support the functions of the kidneys.

4 - Facial Zone: Top Lip 

Potential problem area: Hormone imbalance

What could be going on? If you find spots often appear on your upper lip, your hormones could be a little all over the place. Track your cycle and monthly symptoms to help give you a better idea of what might be going on.  

Foody picks:

Flaxseed oil – naturally rich in anti-inflammatory omega-3, flaxseed oil has been traditionally used to help manage some of the symptoms of PMS and it’s good for your gut too!

Dark chocolate – yes, it isn’t a typo – dark chocolate is an excellent source of magnesium! A sensible portion such as a couple of squares a day can help keep your magnesium levels topped up which is ideal for helping to manage many of those pesky monthly symptoms.

Useful supplements:

A.Vogel Milk Thistle Complex – if oestrogen dominance troubles you then your liver may be struggling to keep up with the demands of recycling all of those excess hormones. Take some Milk Thistle to help support this important organ

Optibac Probiotics For Women – if you have an unhappy gut, all of those monthly symptoms can feel a whole lot worse. Top up your levels of good bacteria with Optibac for Women.

5 - Facial Zone: Cheeks

Potential problem area: Lungs

What could be going on? If spots and imperfections seem to crop around your cheeks then it could suggest that your respiratory system is under pressure. Some respiratory reinforcement may be in order! Although the connection with the digestive system isn’t always clear, just like your bowel, your lungs are a major site for the excretion of toxins. Lifestyle habits like smoking are a big no-no when it comes to supporting the health of your lungs,  but also looking at the quality of the air you are breathing in is also worth considering – don’t be tempted to go a morning jog next to that busy main road next time! Deep breathing can also help calm an anxious gut so it’s a good technique to get right.

Foody picks:

Carrot Juice – Carrot juice is vibrant in colour for a reason – it is packed full of beneficial antioxidants! Beta-carotene is a precursor to vitamin A which helps to keep all the little mucous membranes lining your respiratory and digestive tract nice and healthy and Biotta’s variety of juices are also lacto fermented which is an added bonus for your gut.

Thyme – thyme is not only super fragrant and a welcome addition to many home cooked dinners, but it is has also been used traditionally to help support the health of the lungs.

Useful supplements:  

A.Vogel Ginkgo biloba drops – Ginkgo biloba has been used traditionallyto help support circulation to problem areas, such as the liver and the lungs, upping the supply of vital oxygen and nutrients

Pukka Vitalise Powder – packed full of wholefood extracts from fruits, vegetables and freshwater plants Pukka Vitalise Powder is a welcome addition to any smoothie! It is rich in free-radical scavenging antioxidants to help keep your lungs fighting fit.