Which menopausal lady are you?

Sep 23 2020Anne

Which menopausal lady are you?

Menopause can be confusing and ladies often don’t know where to start in terms of the wide variety of products out there to help manage your symptoms. Here I run through what some of the typical symptoms of menopause can look like, and which of our products may be best suited for you!

1 – Irregular Irene

What do some of the symptoms look like?

Changing periods are often one of the first signs that a woman is approaching menopause. During this time periods can become heavier, lighter, on time, late, early, missing, longer, shorter, closer together or further apart – and in any combination of the above!

In line with  erratic hormones, a number of symptoms can also crop up too. Some common ones often include hot flushes, mood swings, muscle and joint pain and headaches – to name a few! As many of you will know only too well, there is a long list of symptoms that can materialise during this time so there isn’t an inclusive list.

What’s the cause?

At the root of irregular periods and many of the symptoms we experience during this time are fluctuating oestrogen levels. We have oestrogen receptors located all over our bodies and as our hormones fluctuate these can come under fire. This explains why some of the symptoms can often be so random and widespread!

Product pick: Menopause Support.

Menopause Support contains fermented soy isoflavones – perfect for helping to support your oestrogen levels. Enhanced with magnesium and hibiscus, menopause support can help you through the menopause and ease a number of unpleasant symptoms.

2 – Flushing Fiona

What do some of the symptoms look like?

Hot flushes are one of the most commonly reported symptoms of menopause.

These may get you down during the day, often proving problematic whilst you’re trying to work, or in some cases, night sweats could be the bane of your life instead. Night sweats can be equally, or even more debilitating as they can prevent you from getting enough shut-eye which is absolutely vital if you want any chance of feeling refreshed the following day.

What’s the cause?

Flushes are thought to materialise as fluctuating levels of oestrogen start to influence the temperature control centre, the hypothalamus, deep within our brain. However, interestingly, low iron levels, low thyroid function, low vitamin B12 or a vitamin D deficiency could also be making things worse, so it’s always a good idea to ask your doctor for a routine blood test to rule out any other potential underlying causes – especially if you have been experiencing hot flushes for a number of years.

In many cases, dietary stimulants such as sugar, caffeine or alcohol won’t be helping as they can influence the nervous system directly, along with lifestyle factors such as dehydration, stress or anxiety! So, diet and lifestyle factors are definitely worth considering when trying to manage your symptoms. Then, of course, we have some products which can be helpful too.

Product pick: Menoforce Sage.

If hot flushes or night sweats are getting you down, an extract of Sage can often help to alleviate some of the symptoms. Menoforce Sage isn’t oestrogenic in action so can be used alongside Menopause Support or other remedies if the hot flushes are particularly stubborn and are proving hard to shift.

3 – Heavy Harriet

What do some of the symptoms look like?

In some cases in the approach to the menopause, periods can become heavier than normal. On average a women’s menstrual cycle operates on a 28 day cycle but in the approach to menopause this can go offline and periods can come on much thicker and faster than this!

What’s the cause?

Heavier periods are often associated with oestrogen dominance. Although generally during menopause our oestrogen levels drop off, they can often fluctuate along the way which means we can present with these ‘oestrogen dominant’ symptoms instead.

Typical symptoms can often include painful, heavy periods, bloating, tender breasts or irritability.

Product pick:

If heavy (and often irregular) periods are an issue for you, then Agnus castus could be the remedy for you. Agnus castus is a licensed remedy for hormonal symptoms and can help to gently support levels of progesterone.