Solgar Calcium Magnesium plus Boron.

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Product Description
  • Combines 3 of Solgar's premium quality bone support minerals
  • Helps with calcium absorption and to support healthy bones
  • Suitable for vegans

A trio of minerals aimed at supporting bone health, this supplement is certainly one that we’re comfortable recommending to those that are looking to maintain their bones. 

Calcium is renowned for being good for bone health but the parts that magnesium and boron play may be more unknown. Allow us to shed some light on these minerals – you may be familiar with magnesium for it’s positive effects on the nervous system but this mood-boosting mineral can also help with calcium absorption.

In fact, without magnesium, calcium can become trapped in your soft tissues, sometimes leading to arthritis! This also related to boron, a little known trace mineral that has also been linked to the prevention of arthritis, helping to increase calcium absorption into bones and cartilage – particularly useful for our more mature customers as, with age, bones can start to lose their density, becoming weak and brittle!

So there you have it! These three bone-boosting minerals work together to promote healthy bones and are available in one convenient, vegan-friendly tablet!