Absolute Aromas Chamomile (Roman) Oil

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Product Description
  • Roman Chamomile has a sweet and fruity warm aroma.
  • It is excellent for dry skin conditions.
  • It is also very soothing and a great oil for headaches, irritability and muscular aches and pains.
  • Roman Chamomile grows up to 30cm in height. It has hairy stems with white flowers, which have a yellow disc.

Country of Origin: England.
Plant Family: Asteraceae (Compositae)
Method of Extraction: The oil is steam distilled from the flowering heads.
Main Theraputic Properties: Anti-inflammatory, Antispasmodic, Analgesic, Calmative, Digestive stimulant, Antirheumatic.
Contraindications: Non toxic and non irritant in prescribed doses.
Did you know: In Tudor times, Chamomile was used as an aromatic stewing herb; it was trodden into household floors scent the home.
Oil Appearance: Pale blue.
Chakra: Solar Plexus.
Chinese Element: Wood