Yogi Classic Cinnamon Spice

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Product Description
  • A perfect blend of ginger cardamom cinnamon and cloves. 
  • This Classic recipe has a wonderful mythology thousands of years old and is deeply entwined with the ancient traditions and spiritual practices of the East. 
  • Spicy sweet and invigorating YOGI TEA® Classic will warm both body and spirit with its delightful flavour and enticing aroma.
  • Close your eyes inhale and let the rich aroma of cinnamon and ginger transport you to a world where the ancients created the perfect cup of tea.

A classic blend of spices, including cinnamon, cardamom, ginger and clover, this warming tea is incredibly soothing and definite favourite of ours at Jan de Vries when the weather starts to cool down. The sweet but spicy flavour is invigorating while at the same time being uplifting enough to help you unwind in times of stress.

Living up to the idea of ‘comfort and abundance’ this tea is prepared with the ancient traditions and spiritual practises of the East in mind and is best enjoyed with a little milk or a milk substitute like almond milk. If you like the look of this heart-warming beverage, we’d personally recommend indulging in some of Yogi Tea’s Choco Chai Loose Tea which boasts the same blend of Ayurvedic spices suffused with sweet cocoa shells.

Yogi Tea’s root stem from Indian Ayurvedic teachings about balance and harmony between the body, soul and mind. As a teacher of holistic living, Yogi Bhajan came to the West to share his teachings and used to serve his students an aromatic spice tea blend which he affectionately called ‘Yogi tea.’ Today, people all around the world enjoy this special tea and now Yogi Tea has over 44 variations, crafted using carefully selected organically-grown herbs and spices.