Natura Siberica Colour Revival and Shine Conditioner

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  • Size:
  • 400
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  • ml

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Product Description

• For dyed hair
• Helps colour last longer
• Leaves hair with natural shine and softness
• Cruelty free & vegan friendly

This new range of certified hair care products is built around organic hydrolats, and packed full of concentrated vitamins and micro-elements derived from wild Siberian plants, to provide hair with intense, professional care.
Hair will be soft, shiny and colour will be protected for longer.
This conditioner, based on organic Rhodiola rosea hydrolat, deeply moisturises hair and helps to protect colour for longer. Rhodiola rosea has active key components, rosavin, rosarin and rosin, and these healing compounds are specific to Siberian Rhodiola rosea. Savage lungwort extract provides natural shine and softness.