A.Vogel Comfrey Cream

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What our customers say

  • Jill pepper

    Product quality

    Love this cream for night and day use. Hoping it will help my wrinkles long term but very pleased with the product and it goes a long way too.

    Nov 12 2020 5
  • RubyRed


    Lovely hydrating cream, really helped to leave my skin soft and supple. Perfect to use as a make up base too.

    Aug 29 2018 4
Product Description
  • Nourishes tired and troubled skin
  • Excellent for nurturing exposed skin
  • Supports new skin cell growth
  • Able to reduce and sooth inflammation
  • Made from fresh herb extracts

Extract of freshly harvested comfrey.Comfrey (Symphytum officinale) is a perennial plant with broad hairy leaves and small bell-shaped flowers. It is native to Europe and grows well in many damp gardens in the British Isles.Benefits and features of A.Vogel Comfrey cream:

  • Protects tired, exposed skin
  • Use as day and night cream
  • Made from organically grown comfrey herb
  • Fresh herb extract

Comfrey is well known to gardeners as an ‘organic fertiliser’. It is also familiar to herbalists who gave it the common name of ‘knitbone’ – a reference to its use in healing fractures.Today, the main use of comfrey is as a cream to protect tired and exposed skin especially on the face and hands. Our comfrey cream is made from freshly harvested, organically grown comfrey herb.