Solgar CoQ-10 120mg.

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  • Strength:
  • 120mg
  • Size:
  • 30
  • Type:
  • Veg Capsules

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Product Description
  • An essential component of the mitochondria
  • Involved in energy production within body cells
  • Obtained from the finest Japanese source raw material
  • Suitable for vegans

Coenzyme Q-10, or CoQ-10, is very valuable when it comes to fuelling our cells as it’s an essential component of the mitochondria, which powers each cell. The enzyme is also associated with a number of function throughout the body, however most of our customers ask for CoQ-10 to help combat gum irritation.

This is possibly due to its ability to reduce inflammation and encourage regeneration in the gum tissue, relieving any unpleasant symptoms and helping to rejuvenate the gums. CoQ-10 can be synthesised by the body and ingested from our diets, but sometimes this simply isn’t enough and a supplement is needed.

In these instances, we try to recommend Solgar’s CoQ-10 Vegetable Capsules. A moderate dose of 120mg, source from Japanese derived raw material, it’s suitable for a variety of dietary restrictions, being vegan and kosher-friendly, whilst also excluding many of the usual nasties found in high-street alternatives, like gluten, wheat or sweeteners.